ghost adventures gifs


“Maybe it’s just hail?”

Nick: NOPE!!! *flees*

Psst.. @nickwilde57, @markhamillz, I finally did something for the Zootopia Ghost Adventures AU! :D 

[At first I wanted to upload the video version of it, but I ended up making a gifset instead. I might still upload the video, but I don’t want to share it without any audio. So if anyone is interested in dubbing this, let me know. :)]

I hope you guys enjoy! ❤︎


Video Camera Recording Green Screen Overlay by TopFreeTemplates (

VHS on Greenscreen Stock Footage by andrecampana_(

so i went back to The Scene that everyone is talking about right now, and i can’t tell if it’s the light and/or the camera focusing, but the head does look like it’s manifesting. the gif quality is terrible, but if you go back to the episode and watch it, you can kinda see towards the end that an eye opens and the mouth starts to move. i for sure can’t say if this is a ghost or not (zak even said he can’t explain it), but hot diggity damn it’s cool as heck.