ghost adventures friday

Hello KiFiBarAW participants!

I have for you the daily themes for the Kiliel/Figrid/Barduil appreciation weeks!!

Monday- Baby Animals!
Tuesday- Band!
Wednesday- Zombies!
Thursday- strippers! (NSFW/SFW)
Friday- Ghost Adventures AU!
Saturday- Coffee Shop!
Sunday- Man vs Wild AU!

Monday-War AU (either tolkien verse or any historical war)
Tuesday- Flappers!
Wednesday-Cape Cod Living!
Thursday- The Crocodile Hunter AU!
Friday- Cowboys!
Saturday- Magic School Bus AU!
Sunday- Pirate AU!

Monday- Princesses!
Tuesday- Anchorman AU!
Wednesday- Spies!
Thursday-Any other fandom!
Friday- 19 Kids + Counting AU!
Saturday- Historical (any time period)
Sunday- Disneyworld Vacation!

I hope you enjoy the themes! Some are super eccentric that I came up with! These were sorted very randomly (I picked out of a hat)

If anybody has any questions, feel free to message me!!

Have fun!