OK…what if…Super Smash bros, but strategy RPG and every character as a fire emblem unit!!!

So i start with Mario Emblem!

Mario with fire tome (bacause fire flower) and luigi with wind tome (because Ghost Potrificationize in luigi mansion?) I think they fit mage knight quite well?

/they can be red and green cavalier of the game…


just a sketchy comic before bed :P 

i like to think if toads are particularly malicious towards Luigi, his ghost friends from the evershade valley will appear and terrify them as punishment

Luigi deserves some big, horrifying friends to protect him 

Be More Chill and Dear Evan Hansen are ruining my life in the best way possible. I’d say it’s ruining my social life but HAHAHAHA I’d need one to ruin so… uh… anyways

Here I am playing Pokemon on a super old DS ( from 2011 that works like new) humming along to the soundtracks with a new pac-man plush that I got in a crane machine at the arcade a week or so ago just kind of staring at me like it’s waiting for sweet embrace of death or something better to come along.