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Song commission to Mt. Washington by Local Natives! I have to say that I’m having a BLAST with these song commissions! I’m gaining a ton of new music to listen to and love and the end result of the illustrations are making me super happy! 

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Social Media Users Frightened by Eerie Images of a ‘Ghost Woman’.

A woman from Wem, England believes she captured photographic evidence of a real ghost on the night of June 18th, 2010. Natasha Oliver claims she and her friends were simply hanging out when she decided to take some pictures. 

As she reviewed the images she’d just taken, Natasha noticed she’d captured an odd figure staring down at them from the window of a nearby home that was still under construction at the time. She says some of the guys climbed up the scaffolding to see if they could locate the mysterious figure, but it was nowhere to be seen.

I truly believe there is a ghost woman and her baby in that window.” Natasha told ABC News. “When we saw the ghostly figure, the boys climbed up the scaffolding to see what was up there thinking maybe someone was watching us, but there was nothing up there. There were no floorboards or anything there. The house wasn’t finished being built yet at the time.

Natasha’s photos have recently gone viral after she commented on a Facebook post about a fake ghost picture. “I commented saying, ‘That’s quite fake, but I have one that’s actually real.’” Despite numerous skeptics calling these pictures fake, Natasha insists that they’re real, and that she hopes she can get in touch with professional photo analysts and paranormal experts to “solve the mystery of the ghost in the window.

Depending on the age and history of the property, a spirit could have attached itself to the land. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on these pictures. Do you think they show a real ghost? Or is there a conventional explanation for this spectral figure?


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