COOL GHOOL PEPERONIE BIRTHDAY!!! in which I also announce our plan to live forever


This is in alphabetical order so there’s no playin favorites!! Some of you i know and love irl, some of you i met in my mcrmy days and have been friends with for YEARS. Some of you i just really enjoy interacting with on this god forsaken website and have come to think of you as a friend. Some of you are just people whose blogs i really enjoy. And some of you are very new to me but i’ve come to think of you as really really great friends. I love you all and i’m sorry if i missed some people but i put this all together on my ipad. Even the pic. I know. Incredible. Its hard to believe.

So thank you guys for being super cool!!

2016 will officially be over in less than 12 hours, and even though i haven’t been around much this year, i wanted to make a little s/o for all the cool people who make my dash worth looking at ♥ you guys are wonderful and i hope you all have an amazing 2017!

and thanks to @kaitybutt and @reonohira for putting up w/ me irl, you da real mvps

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ender1117  asked:

The names of the Chaos gods are always depicted as "unutterable" in the books. Saying them requires the speaker to pronounce sounds and syllables that are impossible for the human mouth. How do you invision it sounding when you write of them?

They are indeed. Khorne and Slaanesh are much as they’re written, though I like to pronounce Nurgle as “Nurr-ghool” and vocalise the final “t” in TzeenTch (the first one being silent, so “Zeen-t-ch”). I think we just have to assume those are the closest approximations humans can manage.