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“Charles is RESTING.” The young ghola uttered as he stood in the doorway of the telepath’s brother, his shoulder lightly rested against the door frame, peering inside with a beautifully MISCHEVIOUS expression quite settled against the golden features of his youthful face. “We have… a little time. Will you show me your world, Oracle? Your HOME?“

@smartass-telepath​ (Charles) liked for a smallish starter.

“You were LOOKING for me…” Leto spoke up as he looked over his shoulder, catching the young telepath in the vibrant blue of his eyes. “– - WEREN’T you?” A small smile began to creep across his lips, widening the gentle curve that lightly tweaked at the corners. “I was going to come and find you, but… I felt you may be TERRIBLY busy. You… you are busy man, there is still so MUCH that must be done.”