Ugh. Stop coming into my inbox to try and dispute turn-based strategy with me. I really do not care if you think it’s outdated or boring or whatever. There hasn’t been a turn-based Final Fantasy game since X. That is ten games using turn-based strategy. Between the release of X-2 and XV, there have been twelve games without using turn-base.

Let’s count them:

XIII: Lightning’s Return
VII: Dirge of Cerberus
VII: Crisis Core

And now the remake of VII.

Which makes twelve. Twelve games since the last turn-based. I don’t think it’s wrong of me, a loyal Final Fantasy fan for 16 years, to want a new game with turn-based and to be upset that SquareEnix is changing VII from that battle system to the current one.

Free Him ( Open )

As soon as the speakers shut off, Akiyo just remained seated on the floor and stared up at the cluster of video cameras right above the speaker. Where in the world is he? Akiyo slowly glanced around the room and noticed all the other people standing around in confusion. How many is there? About twenty or so? This is so… messed up.

Akiyo carefully stretched his legs out and climbed onto his feet. His body is aching. The petite model brushed himself off and ran a hand through his hair in an attempt to get it out of his face. All he can remember is being grabbed from behind, something shoved over his head to blind him. Then, he blacked out. Now, he’s… here. Wherever here is. Akiyo felt a little uncomfortable not being able to recall anything about what happened between getting kidnapped and waking up a few minutes ago. Akiyo felt a shiver go down his spine as he thought back on the speech. So.. is this all.. real? He doesn’t want to believe that this is real.. but.. it seems way too elaborate to be a prank, especially with all these other people involved in the same situation as him.

The petite model wrapped his arms around himself in a hug and shivered faintly. He was kind of scared. His heart was beating faster and his hands felt a little clammy, and he was beginning to notice the start of a headache. He glanced around at the other students again and felt his eyes beginning to water. Is this possible? Is it really possible that they’ve all been kidnapped in order to play some kind of.. screwed up murder game?! He never in his wildest dreams thought that he’d ever be the victim of a kidnapping! This sounds like torture!

He just wants to go home! There has got to be a way to escape!

Akiyo stumbled over to the closest student and gripped the fabric of the back of their shirt and looked up at them, teary eyed and trembling subtly.

“ Please, help me look for an escape…”