ghiren zabi


✿ gundam universal crossing ✿

originally i planned to do way more characters, but this was sitting unfinished for ages and i figured i’d finish the ones i had started at least & post it as is rather than try to add everyone & risk delaying -> forgetting about it again;;


Gundam Mahjong + Zeta Character Endings - Gundam 0079 (repost)

My terrible Japanese knowledge is very minimal so If you can get a really good hint on what happens on the endings from the pics or gameplay, feel free to edit

  • Amuro - Amuro and Lalah get together, Char and Kcyllia duke it out
  • Sayla - Char brings down the Zabi family, Sayla is angry since she didn’t want revenge
  • Bright - Bright ditches Amuro
  • Kai - (Lost data, so no concrete  info available)
  • Lalah - (Lost data, so no concrete info available)
  • Garma - Garma leads Zeon
  • Ghiren - same ending as in the anime lol

Missing - Dozle, M'quve, Ghiren