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I just met Tera, the magical eldest Great Fairy (don’t judge me for only just using that fountain I have my reasons) and asdfghjkl I love her design and I have no explanation for Ghirahim he did this all by himself please forgive me

#692. Reactions when Skull Kid gives surprise kisses

Link: confused, but appreciative

The Hero of Time: blushes like a rose (Skull Kid finds it a beautiful shade of red)

The Hero of Winds: just doesn’t get it

Linkle: really confused

Zelda: pleased

Impa: tries to throw him off

Ruto: gives a smol peck in return

Lana: goes “Awww”

Cia: appreciative, although doesn’t visibly react since it happens so often

Agitha: sees it as a sign of recognition of her royal status

Medli: blushes

Tetra: tries to hit him

Midna: doesn’t know what to do

Fi: accepts it

Marin: thanks him

Sheik: says nothing, successfully hides embarrassment behind an unreadable reaction

Darunia: doesn’t get it

King Daphnes: asks what brought it on

Ganondorf: tries to punch him

Ghirahim: revulsion

Zant: *happy Twili noises*

Wizzro: ignores it

Volga: *uncomfortable dragon noises*

Fierce Deity: doesn’t know what it means but is pleased anyway

Tingle: gets no kisses because he’s scary


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#631. Everyone is really bad at playing as themselves. Generally, their best character happens to be their least favorite ally. The exceptions are Lana and Cia, who play well as each other, Skull Kid, who is best as Fi, and Tingle, who sucks as everyone.

Some Skulltula reposts ~ o3o <3
And it looks like one of the Great Fairy’s outfits is based on the birdies from Skyward Sword, so that last post with the Dark Great Fairy and the duck-ish hat makes sense now ~ X3
Link’s horse also looks different with the head-guard thingy, but I’m not sure if Epona gets different skins or not.