Deleted Audio Diary #1 - Recovered

J = Jovan

L = Lisa Alucard Curie

G = Ghinna Karzzet

[Audio Diary delete due to embarrassing sign of Madness ]

J: “As you can see, I’ve finally made adorable names for the known Eldrazi Titans.”

L: “Are you sure that is necessary?”

J: “It’s just for laughs.”

G: “Sounds Interesting.”

L: “…..What are the names?”

J: “Ulu-moo, CoCo-Zek, And Emmry-Kun.”

G: “……”

[Ghinna laughs]

L: “Calling them The Devour, The Distorter, and The Promised End seems to make more sense than this—“

J: “Ahhh-ta-ta-ta-ta!!! No one question the mighty adorable names I gave the Eldrazis!”

L: “…………..Perfect.”

The Mana Color Combinations of My OCs

Jovan Marlauu: Colorless Esper (White, Blue, and Black); Once Bant (Green, White, and Blue)

Ghinna Karzzet: Switches between Colorless Jund (Black, Red, and Green) and Colorless Temur (Green, Blue, and Red); once Izzet (Blue and Red)

Lisa Alucard Curie: Switches between Colorless Gruul (Red and Green) and Mardu (White, Black, and Red); Once switched between Mono white and Dimir (Blue and Black)

Pristine Angel Prisea: struggle between using Orzhov(White and Black) and Bant (Green, White, and Blue)