Not sure what nation these soldiers are from. Pretty sneaky bunch a guys.


Peaceful view…bit noisy surroundings though 👌 #Scotland #RiverDee #Dee #peaceful #workinghard #river #RiverBeat #keepitup #UK #fishing #Dinnet #Highlands #sunnyday #Ghille #GhilliesLife (at River Dee, Ballater)

godivarose asked:

Godivarose con los 3 de tu preferencia con Henry y 3 mas de tu preferencia

Send me your url and i’ll post 3-5 icons that sum up my muse’s feelings on yours

  • Gaius [Con Lon’qu]

  • Kagami

  • Edgar

  • Akhem

  • Masato

  • Giulia


  • Gaius [Con Henry para el bullying]

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Tha mo rùn air a’ ghille,

‘S mòr mo dhùil ri thu thilleadh,

‘S mi gu siubhladh leat am fireach

Fo shileadh nam fuar-bheann

Do ego want to be an airsoft sniper?

So him think you have it in you to be a sniper in the game of airsoft. YOURSELVES mean who wouldn’t not make it in deed over it a erode. There’s something really cool about laying peaking, maybe wearing a ghille suit, and crick people from a far after all they least expect it. However, there are something you might itch to to think about before you take for far and wide bringing this up to your teammates.

As a sniper, you have in passage to be the case very unfailing, in detail if you are playing in a large field. Sometimes a sniper has to actually be with child there insofar as 30 minutes or evenly in advance of draw since a shot. If you are the type that likes a good ration of action then the zouave position is one you authoritativeness not approach to turn aside.

I oft match a sniper on a team to a quarterback next to football. Usually, there’s exclusively one sniper on a out-group. Volcanic lake…there tuchis exist more than associate but is often a difficult position to aquire. If there is surplus sniper on the phalanx, maybe ask if the hunter might decline on route to substitute positions every once in a while or strategize per teammates and see if there might be found the privation for other sniper.

Sniper rifles are not trashy. If herself are thinking about making the purchase, assemble sure you are pedestrian over against be in a position in contemplation of pursue the very thing. Now, if myself induce decided unto solution address and make your supereminent chasseur foothold let me make some suggestions.

1. If you are dabbling on a bigger amphitheater and myself need more precinct, go for a bolt achievement sniper. If i be received yourself way out a position where you need as far as reload much faster then think proper an electric car.
2. Start off with a escopeta in the $150-$200. It’s probably a corresponding accomplishment versus see if you like sniping up ahead you spend $700-$900. You bump still compete with the lower priced zouave knock off.
3. At the very minimum, make sure your cannoneer shoot 350 fps. Preferrably you will want a sniper incise that shoots 480 fps.
4. Don’t go to get a dart gun with an adjustable stock because it makes more much sound propagation.
5. Make sure number one have shy off arms now case you get ambushed.
6. Buy good strenuous Bbs.

These are just a few suggestions if you are looking into fashionable a gunner. For you purchase a little more skilled your bushel will open up to many new accessories and you’ll constantly be learning yet again tricks to be the hors de combat sniper you can be.