I’m still thinking about my fish men. 

1) I don’t think Ghill can have a tail when he has legs. But then how does he swim?

2) I want my fish men to swim fast and I don’t think the mermaid swimming is fast enough. 

3) Does Ness sleep with his eyes open? (answer: It’s not common for Fishmen to sleep with their eyes open, but it’s not unheard of.)


Ness and Ghill. Just one conversation about atmospheric pressure in the ocean and I start to think about my fish people. It wasn’t even biology class.

My only problem right now is trying to figure out how they transition from breathing oxygen in the water to breathing out of water.

Ghill the spotted tiger shark and Ness the salmon(?).
Grant Hill Says He is ‘Very Close’ to Returning

Grant Hill … remember him? Sure you do. He’s close to re-joining the LA Clippers; very close says the veteran forward. Per the OC Register: “Do-it-all veteran Grant Hill smiled and said he’s got a January return in mind. ‘I just want to get out there and help and play,’ Hill said. ‘Hopefully, I’ll improve things if that’s possible.’ Hill hasn’t played since the Clippers final game in China during the preseason because of a bone bruise in his right knee. ‘I’m very close, so I’m excited about that,’ Hill said. When he returns, Hill will not likely cut into minutes for Matt Barnes. [Head coach Vinny Del Negro] said he envisions the two players on the court together. ‘We got a little taste of it, even though it was early, in China. That second game out there, we were switching everything,’ Barnes said. ‘Lamar (Odom) played center, Grant played the four and I played the three. We switched every single pick. I think that causes havoc. There are no open looks when a team is capable of defending like that, and I think we are.’ Judging by that game, back-up forward Ronny Turiaf could see his minutes cut once Hill comes back. Chauncey Billups is also still out with peroneal tendonitis in his left foot. There’s no timetable for his return.”


Wuiihhh.. banyak debu dalam diri..

dikira bersih.. eh ternyata banyak debu

debu itu sangat kecil pertikelnya, jadi tak terlihat

cuma dengan kejernihan dan fokus baru bisa terlihat

Huft.. banyak debu dalam diri..

dikira hati ini adalah hati yang bersih

debu itu membuat keadaan menjadi buram

debu itu Ghill .. bersarang pada diri..

Jika seperti itu, Mari bersih-bersih diri dari debu.

Berdebu.. Memalukan mengira diri bersih .. 


anonymous asked:

MOLLY GHILLS (???? i had the hardest time coming up with a name with the letters I wanted in it oh my lord)

omg thank u 

M: virgin or not? virgin 100% pure from the source

O: my eye color? blue!

L: one of my insecurities i hate my nose it’s so big and awkward and my pores are visible from the moon

L: (see above)

Y: do you want to go to college yes!

G: sexual orientation asexual yee haw

H: do i smoke/drink i do not smoke but sometimes i’ll have a celebratory drink

I: have any tattoos or piercings? yea i have my ears pierced twice

L: (answered)

L: (answered)

S: a random fact about myself i love making playlists omg i have one for almost every emotion on earth. also i love making them for other people so hmu if anyone wants one!!