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yo it’s friday and I’m down for a sleepover, yall are invited. Tell me about your fave pajamas, confess some stuff, ask me questions. Can’t think of anything to send in? It’s okay, send me an ask telling me about your favorite studio ghilbi movie and why or get personal with me and ask things you wanna find out about me or not because I’m actually not that interesting ahahha heres a doodle of me being lame

starlightmagika  asked:

I love love love your work. I'm guessing one of your primary art influences was Sailor Moon, but I'm wondering what your other influences were/are?

1000% right ahahaha! I love love love Sailor Moon; I always have and always will live and adore that magical girl life.
Other influences?
-Alphonse Mucha
-Audrey Kawasaki
-Brian Viveros
-Babs Tarr
-Manga of all kinds (Like The Tarot Café by Park Sang-sun (박 상선))
-Anime!/Studio Ghilbi movies
-This old book of fairytales I have with these amazing ink illustrations

I have so so many more but I can’t name them all. (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ)

Hayao Miyazaki Movies Timeline

“I would like to make a film to tell children “it’s good to be alive”.“

- Hayao Miyazaki