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EXO reaction when you are on your period and you are moody and ask them to go buy ice cream for you. Please- thanks :)

Thank you for the request ! 

Xiumin : Can I buy one for myself as well? No, better idea. How about you go with me and on the way back we can take a walk through the park, so you can take some fresh air and calm yourself a little bit?

Luhan : Y/N : And that new mint flavor. And the large box. What?

Luhan : Nothing, you are just so cute when you are mad and demand things.

Suho : Y/N : If you could first go to that market near the station, they have the BEST vanilla ice cream. And while you are on the way, you could stop by our neighbor and give her back the bowl we borrowed. Oh and take Ghighi (your dog) for a walk since you go out anyway.

Kris : NOW? But it’s 12 AM probably everything is closed by now. A little store by the flower shop? How do you even know that they are open!!?? 

Baekhyun : (While you are having dinner) Y/N : BAEKHYUN !

Baekhyun : *startled* Ah, y/n-ah you want to give me a heart attack, why are you screaming?

Y/N : I want ice cream. A big, double chocolate ice cream in a crispy ice cream cone.

Chen : *Muttering in annoyance*

Y/N : What did you say?

Chen : Nothing sweetie, I was just repeating everything you said so that I won’t forget anything for my princess. * (─‿‿─) Phew, almost caught*

Lay :

HAHAA KIDDING, KIDDING. knowing sweet sweeet Unicorn would probably be like

(when you are laying on the sofa and call him) : *listening to all you have to say, mentally taking notes not to forget anything*

D.O : Y/N : Chocolate Fudge. No, Cookie dough. NO NO NO Strawberry cheesecake!!

Chanyeol : While you are cuddling next to him watching a movie :

Y/N : You love me right? You said you would do anything for me right? How about you fulfill that promise now and go buy me a big Bounty ice cream bar?

Tao : (goes crying to hyung) : Hyung I don’t know what to do anymore. Same demands every month. Every month she is so moody and she is taking it all out on me.

Kai : You know what baby? My eyes are closing, I can’t feel my body, I just want to fall asleep right now cuddling next to you, but you know what? You are the most precious person in my life, no you are the most precious person in the world and if my princess wants a pecan caramel ice cream at 2 AM, then I’ll go get her the tastiest pecan caramel ice cream I can find.   

Sehun : *confused* Ok, but why do you have to be mad?

Y/N : I don’t know, I just am, what kind of stupid question is that? You boys never understand anything, you think you are tough, but in fact we have to go through  everything. Even when we ask you a SIMPLE task, once in a lifetime, you have to be confused and ask stupid questions. *start crying* I am so tired why is life like this?

Sehun : (confused, scared and doesn’t know what to do and what to say) I will NEVER understand women.


xoxo (ΘεΘ