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It seems that I forgot to post this here…

This is something I wanted to do for a long time - I used the Holbein watercolour tubes I had, added some colours, mixed some and re-created the set of colours recommended by Hayao Miyazaki. This is based on the first (old) edition of the 24 colour set that was being sold in Studio Ghibli’s museum in Mitaka (some colours got discontinued by Holbein though so you can not buy it any more). I will be painting an illustration using this set in another video.

The list of colours (including the ones requiring mixing)

1. Crimson Lake
2. Opera
3. Vermilion
4. Yellow Ocher
5. Permanent Yellow Lemon
6. Permanent Yellow Deep
7. Permanent Yellow Orange
8. Permanent Green No.1
9. Permanent Green No.3 
made from Sap Green W075    4:1   Yellow Ochre W034
10. Cadmium Green Deep
11. Cobalt Green Yellow Shade 
made from   Permanent Green No.2  W067     3:1   Viridian (hue) W061
12. Cobalt Blue Hue
13. Cerulean Blue
14. Ultramarine Deep
15. Compose Blue
16. Prussian Blue
17. Bright Violet
18. Light Red
19. Burnt Umber
20. Burnt Sienna
21. Ivory Black
22. Yellow Grey
23. Violet Grey 
made from    W025 Brilliant Pink     9:1    W120 Quinacridone Violet
24. Davis Grey

Works of Hayao Miyazaki © Studio Ghibli used for educational purposes  only


Howl Jenkins Pendragon is a powerful wizard living in the land of Ingary. Originally Howell Jenkins of Wales, he was part of a loose fraternity of wizards on Earth.  He owns a moving castle, and spreads rumors about himself to retain his privacy, opting to be alone and hiding from all conflict.

shaikha-r  asked:

Hi, can you please enlighten me on that whole Studio Ghibli closing thing? And Miyazaki's retirement? Like Is he retired now? And is Studio Ghibli closed forever? And what about this "new Ghibli studio" called Studio Ponoc? Too many questions sorry lol and thank you for this amazing blog.

Studio Ghibli has never been closed, but Hayao Miyazaki had officially announced his retirement in 2013 after the release of The Wind Rises. That said, he also retired after the release of Princess Mononoke in 1997, and then went on to make Spirited Away. Hayao Miyazaki has work ethic and animation in every fibre of his being, he will never sit still and retire, no matter how often he announces it. Only one thing will retire him from his work, and hopefully not for decades to come.

Last year he started work on a short film that was to be shown exclusively at the Studio Ghibli Museum, called Boro the Caterpillar. But it seems that Hayao Miyazaki was unhappy with the short length of the film, and has decided to make it in to a full feature length movie, expected to be released in 2019.

Studio Ponoc is a new animation studio, comprised of animators that used to work for Studio Ghibli. Their first release, Mary and the Witch’s Flower, is directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, who had directed The Borrower Arrietty and When Marnie was There for Studio Ghibli. Animators need to pay their bills and feed their families, and they can’t sit on their hands for years on end while Studio Ghibli stagnates. So that is why we have Studio Ponoc.

I hope that answers everything ^____^ If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I don’t get many asks these days. xoxox


Day 11: 02/10/2017 The Ghibli Museum Again!!! I took a couple of hundred pics but here’s just some food related ones from my phone and a dumb picture of me pulling a random face. I can’t remember what it was called but i got the Howls moving castle bacon eggs and bread from the scene where Calcifer says MAY ALL YOUR BACON BURN!!! This bacon was some of the nicest I’ve ever tried! The meal was amazing and Strawberry short cake to finish it off and a trusty blueberry and ice cream soda :D today’s film was Koro no Daisanpo (Koro’s big walk) which was about a small dog :D and was very cute!


Ghibli Museum, Mitaka, Japan. This museum is so beautiful and fun! I loved it. You’re not allowed to take photos of the interior (I did buy some postcards with photos of the interior, though–I’ll have to scan and post those sometime), but I took tons and tons of pictures of the exterior. If you enjoy Studio Ghibli’s movies at all, I highly recommend visiting the museum if you can!


As you guys probably know this year the Ghibli food exhibition is running at the Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka Tokyo and of course the Straw Hat Cafe has changed their menu in parts to fit the Ghibli food themed items! The one themed item I got was this beautiful mini Kiki cake from the film which was soooo rich and chocolatey and had walnuts in the base. Well at least I hope the pork cutlet sandwich wasn’t Porco Rosso themed! :P

I couldn’t help but have the same as my first trip 3 years ago and had to get the “for hungry persons” pork cutlet sandwich as it’s described in the menu which tastes absolutely beautiful and is a fillet of beautiful pork breaded and sliced and place into a toasted sandwich with veg which is absolutely one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever tasted. The soda is just amazing of course and the cafe atmosphere is so quaint and perfect but filled with natural delicious foods. I saw someone else get the toast and eggs from Laputa which Sheeta and Pazu share that looked so amazing and presented just as in the film! I’m going back in 2 days and of course I will have to try something completely different and show all of you on here :D thanks for looking :D