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Need more blogs to follow^^

Hello everyone! I just unfollowed over 30 blogs recently so I would like to follow a lot more blogs like mine!

So please reblog if you post: 

  • Anime
  • Disney
  • Kawaii fashion (Mostly fairy kei and harajuku fashion)
  • Retro anime
  • Pastel posts
  • Pink/White posts
  • Studio Ghibli
  • Vocaloid

Don’t reblog this or interact if:

  • Abdl, cgl/cgl(re)/ddlg, littlespace/liltots
  • Kink/nsfw
  • Lgbtphobe, aphobe, exclusionists, terf/swerf
I've never done this before but I'm tired of seeing what's on my dash

So like follow me if you like
-art (conceptual, comics, fan)
-Steven universe
-OTGW (yes I know old)
- Bollywood
- Gorillaz
-Bee and Puppycat (just getting into it I know I’m late
-samurai jack (also gonna rewatch it cause I never stayed up to date
- lo fi/ chill hip hop songs
-90s anime movies (except cowboy bebop and neon genesis)
-studio ghibli
- wholesome memes
-idk good vibes, good colorful aesthetics
-Frida Khalo
- other art related things (renaissance, modern, etc.)
-Korean fashion/style
- runway fashion shows


I drew this for the STRUT retro anime fashion zine a while back!! Thanks to everyone who supported the proj and all the artists, I just got my copy in the mail a few weeks ago and it looks great!! :D

mildly inspired by my kendo gi and an old hobo-themed BTS photoshoot


INFP Characters

@adanwen: My special INFP friend! <3

Heya! My dash has been really dead lately so I decided I’d try one of these follow spree :) So please reblog this post and put in the tags which of these following contents you blog about: 

  • Animes & Mangas ( 90s anime, seasonal animes, etc..)
  • Kdramas & Jdramas
  • Ghibli 
  • Animation in general 
  • Disney 
  • Fashion
  • Literature ( Six of Crows, Harry Potter, LotR, etc..)
  • Comics (Dc/Marvel)
  • Games (LoZ, FFVII, etc..)
  • Aesthetic stuff

Bonus if you:

  • Have a tagging system
  • Post original content (gifs, fanart, edits, etc.) 
  • Are following me

It would be greatly appreciated if mutuals could help me boost this!!! And thanks everyone in advance :*