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hey hey hey I did one of these a while back but I’m going to do it again bc my dash is pretty dead

pls like this / reblog this / follow me if you post any of the following and I’ll check out your blog and most likely follow you:

- pretty / aesthetic / cute stuff

- fashion

- ghibli

- nintendo / video game stuff

- youtube stuff like dan and phil, pewds, markiplier, game grumps (my favs)

- astrology stuff!!

- memes (this one’s v important)


I need more blogs to follow!

New year goal to be more active on this blog! Reblog or like if you post any of these things and i will check you out for sure :)

-pokemon / nintendo / studio ghibli / anime 

-sherlock / marvel / game of thrones / harry potter

-cute fashion stuff / girly things

-derpy animals

-book related things 

-kpop (but not all kpop cause i have a separate blog for that LOL)