yknow sometimes i want to talk about how nice a movie whisper of the heart is

like i’ve only ever seen that movie once but i think it might be my favourite movie ever. like it’s so sweet and tender and kind and i am all about things that are like that. i wish that movie was a person so that person could be my friend and we could get ice cream and pick out colourful clothes that look nice on each other.

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Hello! I wonder why Taeko from Only Yesterday is INFP?


For me, what stands out most about Taeko is her introversion and her Ne. We get to see things from her perspective, so that way we get insight into her memory and imagination - all those fanciful reactions, like immediately seeing herself as a famous actress on the covers of magazines (she has star-eyes and blossoms are raining down on her, is there anything more Ne??xD) when a student comes to ask for her to take a part in a play, how her reactions concerning the progress of this story-line are all paralleled to one of her favourite tv shows, the way she falls in love after exchanging about one sentence with a boy she doesn’t know, how excited she gets about the spa vacation and the pineapple, idealising both, how she gets obsessed with her sister’s hand-bag, and the way she worries over people thinking she has her period if she misses out on sports class or that the boy in her class, whom she doesn’t like, treated her badly because he knew that. Those are all signs of a hyper-active imagination.xD

But mind you, she doesn’t tell anyone about all of those things (except at the end, she tells Toshio about that boy). The whole movie is narrated from inside her self, so we basically listen to her thinking most of the time. In her interactions with others, she doesn’t come off as extremely shy, but neither extroverted. She’s quiet, doesn’t talk about her inner world, and is a passive observer most of the time.

As for Fi+Te, I think her reaction to the whole period-storyline is a good example for Fi-Si. She’s deeply embarrassed about the whole topic and doesn’t understand everyone else’s behaviour about it. She’s outraged at the boys, but also at her classmate just talking about it to her. I mean, look at her face here:


I think a Fe-user, even if it’s their last function, would be much more comfortable/understanding with the whole topic (like her classmate), or at least be interested in a detached way (=Ti). But Fi-Si goes into agony when people talk about private things in public. Fi values privacy as sacred, and their Si will be hyper-sensitive to what they deem decent (especially concerning physical intimacies).

The way she feels about that classmate she didn’t like, also shows Fi, in my opinion, because she admits that she didn’t like him, but at the same time she felt guilty for that. She has a high standard for decent behaviour and not only judges her own behaviour, but her very thoughts (that’s really typical for INFPs). She feels so bad for not having wanted to shake hands with him, that she projects her self-judgment onto him, and reads his reaction as having felt her repulsion (Fi-Ne).

Regarding Te, I think it shows in her enjoyment and the fulfillment she gets from the physical work in the country. Inferior Te-users have a need for solid things and interacting with them, but this gets suppressed most of the time, because they have trouble handling their inferior function. So, depending on the person, this would often be something they come to terms with or discover a bit later on in life.

Of course her self-judging also shows Te, since it’s the natural counter-weight of Fi. Another example for that is the way she called that song from her favourite childhood tv-show to be about procrastination, whereas Toshio thought it was just encouraging and hopeful (I think the lyrics were something like “If today’s no good, there’s always tomorrow.”).

Oh, and the way she sympathised with the girl at the farm about wanting expensive shoes, and got her to let go of that by sharing her own experience with her, is Ne/Si.:)

That’s all I can think of for now, I hope it makes things clear.:D


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Studio Ghibli Key Animator Makiko Futaki Passes Away at 58

Studio Ghibli animator Makiko Futaki passed away last Friday, 13th May, while being treated for an illness. She was 58. Her close relatives held a private funeral for her.

Futaki who worked on almost every Ghibli film from Nausicaa to When Marnie Was There was primarily a key animator and is said to have animated the iconic scene in 1988′s My Neighbour Totoro where Mei, Satsuki and the Totoro’s grow a giant camphor tree in their garden, so its safe to say she was pretty much a Studio Ghibli Legend. 


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