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It’s fine to say you are done with a thing you no longer love and peace out. There’s nothing wrong with change and there’s nothing wrong with falling out of love with something that once meant a lot to you. You are not required to be the same person today that you were yesterday. But what’s confusing and frustrating is when people repeatedly say “I hate this thing, I’m done; I hate this thing, I’m done” and make all manner of “threats” to leave it behind…but then they stay anyway. Words should mean something. If you say you’re done, be done.

Y'know what I want?

I want a movie that acknowledges that there isn’t actually a big dividing line between ‘suits’ and 'artists’. I want a movie where one character’s ambition to become an artist is not at odds with her girlfriend’s desire to be a top lawyer. I want a movie where actually, the aspiring writer really loves his job as an accountant, and gets equally adorably nerdy about sums and spreadsheets as he is about his fiction.

I want more movies about the importance of the arts that don’t do so by making less creative professions/ambitions seem less worthy or revolutionary by comparison. Because yknow what? Artists and musicians and actors and filmmakers are vital to progress, to making art that can inspire and change people, but so are the lawyers who have the training, time and stability to camp out at the airport all weekend to get detainees free. So are the public servants and other professionals who have the ability and talent in their own fields to make actual, concrete change happen. Art inspires those people, who in turn can help create the circumstances for art to blossom. Sometimes both come from the same person - plenty of artists also enjoy their day job, and get different benefits from each.

It’d be really great if that got acknowledged more often. Hollywood doesn’t have to devalue the arts to value non-artistic professions, any more than it has to sneer at 'suits’ to exalt the arts.

Twitter tells me that voting has opened on the Triple J Hottest 100 because where the fuck did 2017 go.

And clearly I have spent my entire bloody year listening to soundtracks and nothing else, because I am going through people’s tweets about their votes…I recognise none of these songs? Or bands? What music even came out this year, I have no bloody clue?

Like. Normally there’s at least a few songs I’ll like and vote for, but this year I have nothing. I have failed the sacred Hottest 100.

beastlycheese  asked:

How is your new job going?

It didn’t work out. They wanted me to do the jobs of three or four people, no lunch break, and weren’t thrilled when I took one break that lasted all of five to ten minutes. I’m sorry, but if I’m doing the work of three or four people for 8-10 hours a day, I need a lunch break. It was terrible of me to quit, but I that’s what I ended up doing. So, I’m back on the job hunt again. I already applied to a couple of places. I think I might look into a couple of caretaking organizations, since that is what I’m used to doing. Thank you for asking though. ::hugs::

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Double Dare things that fuck me up every time:

1. intro riff to Gloom BoyS

2. the quiet pre-chorus after the second verse in Stupid for You

3. that synth beat that increases in pitch at different points in Take Her to the Moon


5. angery Awsten in Little Violence

6. how simple and clear and fucking poignant his voice is the first time he sings “will you get tired of my time?” in 21 Questions

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