570: ZORUA

These little guys are known for transforming to stay hidden. They are most commonly owned by very lonely people. 

(Note from Plus5Pencil: I managed to overwork both my arms to the point of constant pain. Gabe said if I drew any more Ghettodex entries with an injured hand he’d cut me, so there won’t be any updates for a couple days AND we gotta put the big upcoming project on hold. It’s about 70% done though, so I hope to finish it as soon as my arms are better.)

Bad news, guys

Plus5Pencil: My off still hand doesn’t seem to be capable of drawing without pain (I’m still going to doctors and getting x-rays and shit for my hands), so I’m gonna have to put an end to the Ghettodex project. I’m glad we brought some enjoyment to people while it lasted. We’ll be leaving everything up, and you can still find me at my main tumblr (NSFW)

Gabe: It has been an interesting experience, I hope you all do well and that no one is too crushed by this, like 5 I will still be on my own tumblr.

Best wishes to all of you, good bye.


These little shits pass out after a night of gettin krunk and become fucking roadblocks. 

(We apologize for the lack of entries the past few days. Gabe was on vacation and Plus5Pencil didn’t have time to make a bigger backlog. It had absolutely nothing to do with the release of Black2/White2. Really.)