ghetto weave

Shout out to my darkskin black girls with short 4c hair. Shoutout to the loud girls whose names are actually Laquisha Shanehneh Quiannah etc Shout out to the black girls called ghetto because they ARE ghetto, colorful weave, gum smacking, finger waving, girls from the hood.

Shoutout to the black girls no body gives a fuck about, not even other black people.

i feel as though i’m the only person that gets frustrated when i see or hear black guys at my school saying that they only like/date white girls. there’s nothing wrong with having preferences but to exclude your whole race in general is kind of stupid to me. They’re always talking about how they like “their shit pink,” or that a girl’s vagina shouldn’t look like roast beef. The thing that kills me is when they say “I don’t want some ghetto girl who is wearing weave.” most people think i only date white guys but a good amount of my ex-boyfriends have been hispanic. i’ve only dated 2 black guys. i just feel like even if you don’t prefer girls or guys of your race, you shouldn’t offend them. One women’s body isn’t better than the other. Not all black girls/women wear weave and if they do what’s the fucking issue? That whole “ghetto weave wearing” black girl stigma is so old I can blow some fucking dust off of it. White girls are not superior to black girls and these boys.. AS YOUNG AFRICAN AMERICAN MALES, YOU SHOULD BE SETTING SOME TYPE OF EXAMPLE! For not just black girls, but ALL girls. Show them that they deserve to be loved. No race is superior to another and the fact that you would exclude your own race just disappoints me. I thought we were better than this.