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Fight Song ~ Part 1 ~ The Other Stark

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Warnings: Painful memories, fighting, language

Pairings: None yet

Word Count: 3108

Summary: We meet the reader and find out why she hates Tony.

(A/N) This comes right after the - Prologue -


Reader’s POV

Letting out a groan I pick up the nearest crescent wrench and contemplate hitting the old Dodge motor with it. “You okay boss?” I hear Mikey, one of my employees and friend; ask as he raises an eyebrow at me. Mikey was a couple years older than me with short blonde hair and hazel eyes. I had known him for years since we were in the system together. He was the brother I had always wanted.

“Yeah, I just hate dodge engines. They piss me off.”

“You know maybe if you flirt with it a little it’ll be nicer to you.”

“Don’t make me throw this wrench at you.”

“I’m just saying you’re a good looking girl,” His words are cut off by a wrench flying at him which he quickly ducks out of the way avoiding it with a smile on his face.

“Come on you could seriously hurt someone like that!” Marty, the resident old man of my shop, yells out as he walks out of the office and into the garage. “Are you two dickin around out here?”

“Well you kind of have to have a dick to be dickin around, don’t you think?” I say with a smirk on my face.

“Oh ha ha very funny, looky here we’ve got ourselves a comedian.” Marty says sarcastically as he walks over to me with a clipboard in his worn out hands. He was an older man in his late seventies with salt and pepper hair and brown eyes. He had taken Mikey and I in after the two of us had run away from the foster home where the two of us met. Ever since then he had been like a grandfather to us. “Now how much longer are you gonna be working on that hunk of junk?”

Groaning I turn back to the motor and say, “About another thirty minutes, I would be done sooner if she wasn’t such a vindictive bitch.”

Both men laugh at me and Marty says, “Alright then, I’ll let them know.” Then he turns to Mikey and says, “Why don’t you help the girl out, so we can all go home.”

“Alright old man don’t get your panties in a bunch I’ll help her.” As he walks over to me I pick up the biggest wrench near me and hold it up at him and say, “Back away slowly or else you and this wrench are gonna become real close.”

“Oh snap, okay, okay I get the message.” He raises his hands and slowly backs away to the other side of the garage where he was working on his Harley.

“I don’t need anyone’s help; I’ll get this temperamental bitch to work one way or another.” I say to both men as I turn back toward the engine with an angry glare.  I hear them say something inaudible and narrow my eyes at the engine block. “Alright now, let’s get intimate and have a conversation.” I say as I walk over and grabbing my IPod, put my head phones in and turning on Pras’s ‘Ghetto Superstar’ start taking it all apart again. There had to be something I missed the first time.

Come on _____ you have two masters from MIT and you can’t even fix a 01 Dodge ram? What’s wrong with you?

After what seemed like a few seconds I had finally found the problem and it instantly made me furious. Seriously that’s it? Narrowing my eyes I rip my head phones from my ears and stomp into my private office and slam the door. Damn Tony, ever since Clint had called about him needing to see me, my mind hadn’t worked properly.

“Are you alright miss?” You hear the familiar voice of JARVIS and sigh.

“No, I’m not. Your creator is an arrogant jerk.”

“Would you like me to tell him that?”

“You wouldn’t even if I told you too.”


“I can’t believe it took me three hours to figure out they had a cracked engine block. Jarvis I think I need a vacation.”

“Beach sounds and wall effects miss?”

“If you wouldn’t mind.” I say and suddenly the room becomes a beach scene. I had developed the software after figuring out the Helicarrier’s cloaking device. The whole Garage was equipped with a state of the art security system with icer sentries guarding the outside from burglars. The nearest police department hadn’t been too happy about that but after seeing them in action they finally caved.

Leaning back I let myself be overwhelmed by the sounds of the waves and smile momentarily forgetting everything about Stark himself. Suddenly Jarvis breaks me from my solitude by saying, “Miss there seems to be an argument in the main office. Shall I notify the authorities?”

I groan as I say, “Stand by; I’ll go have a look.”

“Very well miss.”

I leave the comfort of my office and walking into the main office see two boys yelling at each other over a girl and I roll my eyes. I walk over and putting myself between them say, “Hey! I don’t care what’s going on but you will not fight in my shop!”

“This asshole stole my girlfriend!” One yells out making my head throb.

“I didn’t steal her she came running,” The other replies and I snap.

“This is not some high school cafeteria! Now get the hell outta my shop before I lose my calm and you spend the next three months drinking out of straws!” I yell out shoving them both back.

“Oh really what can you do? You’re just a girl.” Just a girl? Oh hell no, today is not the day for this!

I instantly reach up and grabbing both of them by the ears drag them over to the doors say, “Jarvis front doors please.” The doors swing open and with one angry motion you jerk them both outside where you instantly release their ears and say, “Now get the hell off my property before I show you what a real girl can do!”

They jump to their feet and just like normal teenage boys one of them rushes me. Using his momentum against him I slide out of the way and let him fall to the ground with a loud bang. I smirk as I turn back to the other kid and say, “Your turn?” He glances at me for a moment then turns and runs. “Ah come on, I could’ve used an outlet!” I cry out after him before I turn back to the kid behind me as he shuffles his feet to stand up. “Why don’t you take a page from your friend’s book and leave?”

“Not until I get my truck!” He yells out as he gets to his feet his face red with anger.

“You own the Dodge?”

“Yeah, what’s it too you?” He says as he breathes heavily.

I narrow my eyes as I walk over to him and jamming my finger in his chest say, “It’s called Coolant jackass,”


“Oh my god seriously? Do you not know what coolant is?”


“Oh dear lord, your truck has a cracked engine block because of you!”

“So it’s just a truck I can get another one?”

Then without another word I pull my fist back and instantly punch him the face sending him scrambling backwards. I pull out my wallet and tossing a few hundreds on the ground say, “Don’t ever come here again.”

“What about my truck?”

“It’s now my truck, now get lost!” I yell out as I start to walk back into the office just in time to hear him call me a bitch and I quickly turn back to him and give him a smile. “Takes one to know one.” I say as I fold my arms over my chest and wait for another rebuttal but one doesn’t come. He just glares at me and then disappears. “Everything okay?” I hear Marty say and I sigh as I say, “Yeah, um let Mikey know that I’m gonna have Jarvis do some work on the dodge and then we’ll give it away to a nearby farmer.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Yup if it comes down to it I have the money to spare.” I say as I offer him a fake smile.

“You mean Starks money?”

“What else is it good for? I don’t use it. It just sets there in the bank account accumulating.”

“Very well then, you heard her Jarvis; now start owning your keep.”

“Very well sir.” Jarvis replies and I sigh. I need a real vacation. I stand outside for a few minutes letting the sun beat down on my skin and let out a heavy sigh. I am about to walk back inside when I hear the voice of the last person I wanted to see. “Hey peanut,” He says and my eyes widen. I turn to see Tony Stark in the flesh standing there with two other men. Holy shit those two are hot. Both were taller than him. One had short blonde hair and dreamy blue eyes and the other had shaggy brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and icy blue eyes.

“What the hell are you doing here old man?” I say as I turn my attention back to Tony.

“A little biomechanical engineering,”

“And you can’t do it yourself, why?”

“I haven’t dealt with anything like this yet.” He says and my interest is peeked.

“Go on,” I say as I raise an eyebrow.

“Shall we go inside then?” Tony says and I want nothing more than to tell him to get lost but I’m curious about what it is that he can’t take care of himself.

“Fine, but don’t touch my stuff. Last time you were here I played hell finding all my tools again.”

“I just cleaned up the mess!”

“It’s called controlled chaos old man, now follow me.” I say as I turn and start walking back inside followed by Tony and his friends. As I pass through the doors Marty raises an eyebrow at me and I sigh as I say, “Business, why don’t you and Mikey go home early tonight.”

“You sure kid?”

“Yeah, if I need a hand I’ll let Jarvis know.”

“Alright if you need anything don’t hesitate to pick up a phone.”

“Will do.”

“See ya tomorrow,”

“See ya.” I say before I turn to Tony and continue, “Step into my office.” I open the door to the garage and looking over at Mikey say, “Hey Blondie why don’t you go home?”

He smirks as he lifts his head from his Harley and says, “You know this is my home.”

“Not tonight it’s not, come on I got business to take care of.”

“Oh you mean 'Business’?” He says with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah dad, now can I get a little privacy or do I need to kick you out?”

“I get the message darlin geez, just for that I’m taking Becky home with me.”

“The hell you are. You keep your grubby hands of my Becky.”

“Um if you don’t mind, who’s Becky?” Tony asks and I roll my eyes as I say, “She’s my pet project, A 69 Camaro with Artificial Intelligence and flying capabilities.”

“I see you did take after me.”

“Shut up dad,”

“DAD?” Both of his friends say as they stare at me with shocked expressions.

“You didn’t tell them?” I say as I turn toward Tony with a raised eyebrow.

“Didn’t come up.”

“Of course it didn’t,” I turn my attention back to Mikey as I say, “Go home, and don’t touch my Becky.”

“Sure thing boss,” He says as he gives me a nod and heads toward the exit. I sigh as I turn back to Tony and his friends and say, “Now what can I do for you?”

“Can you fix Bucky’s arm?” The tall blonde asks and I raise an eyebrow at him in confusion.

“Someone’s arm?”

“Mine,” The dark haired man says as he pulls his jacket off to reveal a wide chest and my eyes widen. Sweet baby Jesus, that’s one hot body. I quickly push the thoughts from my mind as I see the metal. The 'Stark’ part of me takes control and I instantly move over and pulling his arm toward me stare at it in wonder. “This is beautiful, where did you get it?”

“Um HYDRA,” He says and I instantly pull away and turning toward Tony glare at him. “You brought him here?”

“Well you wouldn’t come to New York so I didn’t have a choice.”

“Not the point, why am I working on a HYDRA agents arm?”

“Ex-HYDRA,” The tall blonde chimes in and I fold my arms over my chest as I say, “Well excuse me,”

“She’s definitely Stark’s daughter.” The Brunette says and I glare at him.

“One condition,”

“And that would be?” The blonde asks making you point at Tony and say, “He doesn’t talk. One word and you all have to get out.”

“Ah come on don’t be like that Peanut,”

“I mean it old man, ONE word and I will toss you out myself.”

“Fine, only if I get to play with Becky.”

“Absolutely not,”

“Well I’m gonna do it anyway, JARVIS will you show me the way?”

“Yes sir,” JARVIS chimes out.

“Hey you traitor,” I yell out but it’s too late Tony has disappeared into the showroom. I turn to the tall blonde and say, “Why don’t you make yourself at home?” Then I turn to the one with a metal arm and say, “And you, over here; I wanna get real personal with your terminator arm.” I pull him over to my work station and after hitting a button underneath it a secret chamber appears revealing all my special tools. “JARVIS, a little help here?”

“The special playlist miss?”

“If you don’t mind.” I say and as I look down at the metal arm and smile inwardly as 'Teenage Dirtbag’ starts to play. I lean forward and start to learn everything about it. It was a marvelous piece of machinery. After a while I look up at the man and say, “What’s your name?”

“James Buchannan Barnes, but everyone calls me Bucky.” As he says the words I freeze.

“You? You’re Bucky Barnes?”

“Last time I checked.”

“Oh my god, if I had known that I wouldn’t have-” I pause instantly feeling like an ass. “Look I’m sorry for earlier. When all that shit went down with HYDRA and SHIELD I was just sitting her waiting to be taken. I knew if they found out about the Helicarrier’s and me being Stark’s daughter they’d be here sooner rather than later.”

“Don’t apologize, you had every right to be worried.”

“So I’m guessing Dr. Zola created this?” I ask as I point at his arm.

“Yeah,” He says and his eyes turn dark as he looks away. I sigh inwardly as I say, “Look whatever happened, it’s in the past. You seem like a good guy and even though you’re hanging out with the old man I won’t hold it against you.”

“I appreciate that.” He says as a smirk covers his lips making my body tremble. Oh if only he wasn’t my dad’s friend. How long had it been exactly since the last time I had done anything like that? Oh that’s right, last week. I had inherited yet another Stark gene when it came to men. I never settled down and never would. I didn’t trust anyone enough to let my guard down and let them in. I chuckle to myself making him raise an eyebrow at me in confusion. “Something on your mind?” He asks a playful smile playing on his lips and i feel butterflies fill my stomach.

“Not exactly, I’ll have your arm fixed in a jiffy.” I say quickly changing the subject. I feel my face flush and I instantly thank god that I’m covered in grease. I glance over to see his friend reach for something and turning back to Bucky yell out, “Don’t touch my stuff.”

“Yes ma'am,”

“Well aren’t you well mannered.”

“My mother raised a gentleman.”

“More like I did,” Bucky chimes out making me smile.

“I take it you two are close.”

“Best friends since childhood.” The blonde says and I stop working as it finally hits me who he is.

“Holy shit, you’re Steve Rogers!” I yell out as I sit up straight and stare at him.

“The one and only,” He replies a smile crossing his lips.

“Oh the girls at the bar are gonna be so jealous of me.” I joke as I lean back in to finish welding Bucky’s arm. My mind soon becomes so enthralled with what I’m doing that I don’t hear the two men talking in front of me. “There, all done.” I say once I finish the last welding on the last piece. “Try it out.”

He stands up and swings him arm around a smile covering his lips. “Feels good _____ thanks.”

“How did you- oh Stark told you.”

“Yup, although I think peanut’s a better name.” He jokes and I instantly grab the blow torch and say, “One more word Barnes and you won’t need to worry about arm maintenance.”

“Aren’t you the hostel little pistol,”

“You bet your ass I am; now I don’t mean to be rude but go find the old man and get out. I gotta date with a man named Dean at 8 and I don’t plan to miss it.” Of course I wasn’t talking about an actual date but I wasn’t gonna tell them that.

“This Dean, how old is he?” Steve says as he raises an eyebrow making me smirk inwardly.

“Why do you wanna know?” I ask as I fold my arms over my chest.

“Enlighten us,” Bucky says and I raise an eyebrow at the two men.

“Are you two honestly curious or are you playing the protective uncles?” They glare down at me and I sigh as I say, “Well since I don’t know you that well, it’s none of your business.” Before they have a chance to reply I start heading toward the Showroom where Tony was no doubt trying to take Becky apart.

As I enter the room I look around to see Becky’s AI interface setting on a table with Tony fiddling with it and my eyes go wide and I yell out, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!”

“Making it better,”

“I don’t need your help old man!”

“But your tech is outdated; I’m just updating it for you.”

“I swear Tony if you don’t back away from my baby the world will lose an avenger.” I say the anger seething through me.

“Come on create something with your old man.”

I stare at him eyes wide with anger before I turn and walking back into the garage grab the biggest hammer I can find and walking back over to Tony lift it up and bring it down hard on Becky’s AI. “I didn’t need you as a kid and I damn sure don’t want your help now.”

“Are we gonna fight about this now? It’s not my fault what happened to you.”

“I don’t care, get out and don’t come back!” I yell out as I toss the hammer down and trying to hold the tears in walk toward the exit.

“Miss ____ it seems that Becky’s interface has been destroyed is something wrong?” JARVIS asks and I instantly regret what I have just done.

“It’s fine JARVIS, I’ll replace it tomorrow. Just keep working on the Dodge for me please; and lock up when they leave.”

“Yes miss.”

Grabbing my biker jacket, helmet, and keys I walk out the front door and climb onto my Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 and quickly speed off. I let out a loud yell as the bike speeds up. Why did he pick now of all times to show up? Why couldn’t he have showed up when I actually needed him? I grip tightly to the handle bars as I whip in and out of traffic, speeding toward my house. It was a quiet little ranch house on the outskirts of Grove, with a big red barn that was filled with both livestock and classic cars.

As It comes into view I let out another groan as I see the familiar quen jet parked in the front yard. When I pull up outside the house I look onto the porch to see all three men sitting on the porch furniture waiting patiently. “Please by all means make yourselves at home.” I say sarcastically as I walk up the stairs.

“We wouldn’t be here unless we had to be,” Steve says as I reach the door.

“And you have to be?”

“There’s an ice storm coming in and Tony figured you could use the help around the place.”

I open my mouth to yell and get pissed but instantly close it again. If there was an ice storm coming I was gonna need some help just in case the power went out. Even though I had some backup generators I didn’t like using them unless it was absolutely necessary.

“We promise not to ruin your date,”

“My date?”

“Yeah with that Dean guy,”

“Ah right Dean, Okay then don’t feel awkward when he shows up at 8.”

“I’ll try not to.” He says giving me a crooked smile making my legs try to buckle.

Geez it better not ice, I don’t think I can stay with these two without jumping one of them. 

My face flushes and I quickly shake my head as I say, “Alright, come on in then. I’ll show you where you can sleep. You too Tony.” I say the last part without looking his way. I didn’t want to see the sad look on his face that I had put there myself.

Will Continue in - Uncharted Territory 

[singing as he sits in the living room, tooling away at some small gizmo] Ghetto superstar, that is what you are Comin’ from afar, reachin’ for the stars
Run away with me to another place We can rely on each other, uh huh~
From one corner to another, uh huh~

[an now he’s bobbing along with his tunes] [stop this man]