Like that’s literally the note he wanted to end on, he questioned me on why I’m so concerned about black people and he’s all like what about the Mexicans who’s gonna stand up for them and those issues like??? So I’m wrong for acknowledging the fact that there’s anti blackness in our communities too? And then he brought up the fact that he’s older then me and has experienced so much? And he went through a lot being an immigrant like the whole thing literally had nothing to do with him? And he tries to make it seem like I don’t know anything because I’m a few years younger then him?? Like he was hardcore deflecting the actual issue and I just literally had enough. Like I know I can’t explain why the things he said were wrong because I know he’ll be like “why are you so concerned and offended ” he also made it clear that he thinks what I said was racist against white girls and really ??????? Like I can’t