Obama talks border issues with Central America leaders

President Obama told Central American leaders Friday that they have “a shared responsibility” to halt the illegal flow of migrants across the southern border, a surge that includes thousands of unaccompanied children.

So the presidents of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador met today with president Obama and Biden to discuss the situation with the child refugees. Many of the suggested policies still trouble me, but I thought I’d share this article that I think does a pretty good job of summarizing what seem to be the main points that this meeting touched upon. Also potentially of interest - from yesterday when the presidents spoke out: Central American Presidents Say U.S. Shares Responsibility For Migration Crisis 


anonymous asked:

The thing about Murrieta is that they don't have enough resources. They would be sleeping on the floor with no eating facilities or bathrooms. And it's not about the race; Colombians, Mexicans and other South American races were coming over. Our economy cannot support that many people. Plus they were going to give them a bus pass and send them off. Yeah they need help, but they need organized help. Not get off a bus and go get on another to explore.

A) The entire nation’s kind of out of resources to deal with these children and families right now so. I know that the facilities that Health and Human Services are employing are shit. I know that they’re not going to some super-spectacular place. The only difference this protest did was cause them to take a few more hours to go to a facility that’s probably just as shitty and waste more fucking gas and more importantly, their already decreasing time to try to get some permanent status here. 

B) What do you even mean “it’s not about the race”? I do know that all Latinxs don’t share the same race, but this was most definitely an instance of racialization and xenophobia at work. Like, most definitely. Further, while some of the immigrants might’ve been from those countries, they were mostly from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

C) I’m gettin’ real tired of this derailing tactic. Yes, we all know that our economy is not prepared to deal with this amount of children and families. We know that they probably won’t be able to stay due to the limited resources we have in the U.S. That still doesn’t excuse the racist-ass behavior of the Murrieta protestors.

D) I’m also pretty fed up with the way all the children and families are being shuttled around, but unfortunately that’s the way the laws are set up at the moment and this kind of racist protesting isn’t going to change that? KIND, NALACC, the Florence Immigrant Project and other orgs are actively working to try and advocate for these children and ensure that their due process is respected. That’s the way to help out these families and children. Not fucking protesting their entrance into the city because they “don’t belong here” and “are bringing in disease."