Benedict blaring things out in the DVD commentary

OMG O. M. G. !!!!
so, I was watching the season 1 ep 3 dvd commentary on the great game and OH. MY. GOD. I don’t know if someone mentioned this before but:
during the commentary, Ben keeps blaring out things he’s not supposed to say like the brand of his clothes. and then, at about 53:12, they are talking about the thames scene (the dialogue might have some mistakes since I could not understand everything properly but it should be correct context wise):

mark: … it’s all here because those piles and the [???] and things, they are like something from 19th century and right behind this we have these developments, you can see the gherkin and the city…
ben: perfect metaphor of what we’re doing with the-
mark: (makes grunting noise)
ben: - prograaaamme (sing sang, sounding exactly as if realising that he shouldn’t have said this and biting back more words)
mark: yyYyeeeeaaaahhhhh……
(sounding like “WHAT R U DOING SHUTTUPPP STOPPPP” wink wink nod nod)
martin and or ben: (awkward chuckle)

DO U KnOW what this MEANS
Ok i already knew some meta on the gherkin and its gayness lurking in the background EVERYWHERE, even in the trailer, but THIS ^^^^^^^ really confirms it. omg.

and I am not sure if ben just wanted to point out that they are combining the victorian era with the modern day and so on, but mark clearly thought ben was saying something about “where the programme is leading us” or about the phallic gherkin.

the way they talk reminds me exactly of ME because i am a fucking chatterbox sometimes and I keep blaring things out because I am too excited and it can be really awkward. like, I am the person who innocently pushes a red button just because it is pretty DESPITE someone telling me ONE MINUTE ago NOT to push it. or to ask my friend “so, what are u going to wear next week when we make your surpri- […se bday party?] :)))” and then freezing and thinking NOOOOOO WHY and my other friends will try to deflect and we will try to act like nothing happened, hoping the birthday friend did not get it.

and you know what?!
i searched for a transctipt of the commentary because i wasn’t able to hear every single word properly but the scene that i described above was only summarized in the transcript i found. so! this thing might be easy to miss.

I love these guys.

if I wasn’t down for johnlock already I would be now.

no seriously,GO AND LISTEN TO IT