Sandy - Aroosaki Mashala

The legendary Shahram Azar and his group "Sandy", have prepared a new hit music video titled "Aroosaki Mashala"; this video is directed by Ali Zamani and released under Avang Music record label. Stay tuned for the exclusive world premiere of "Aroosaki Mashala" this Thursday February 26th at 10am Los Angeles time. 

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Una preview dal graphic novel che Akab realizzerà sulla figura dell’architetto Frank Ghery, per una collana del Sole 24 Ore di biografie a fumetti di architetti e designer.


A preview from a book by Akab, about the architect Frank Ghery, part of a collection of biographic graphic novels dedicated to architects and designers curated by the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.


Here are all three boned-garments that I sketched for the class assignment. I picked the one in the center (corset vest) to construct. The finished garment is posted just before this one. (I wanted to construct the corset dress w/ boned neck brace, but my professor advised against it. Wasn’t enough time…. I’ll get to it soon enough.

"The Best Camera"

There is a quote that the “best camera is the one you have with you” or something similar.  For me the iPhone has been a godsend.  

When digital photography first emerged, and was good enough to warrant a serious photographer’s attention, I bought a Nikon D200 and took it to Antarctica. I had a great time and got some spectacular results. When talking to a friend, we decided we could have a small point and shoot to carry around and be able the capture images whenever they presented themselves.

The long and short is the camera was inconvenient to carry around and stayed home most of the time.  The iPhone changed all that. It is with me all the time and gets plenty of use.  In this case I was visiting LA, had gone out to a pilates class with just my purse and, on the ay back to my host’s house, she drove by the arts center in LA to show me the Ghery building.  No camera, no problem.  The iPhone did the job quite well!