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My thoughts on Pudding.

Alright. I’ve seen a lot of people put their thoughts on pudding. Why they like her. Why they don’t.

I personally don’t like her. She IS a boreing charicter. I don’t think she is the three eyed girl. However I wont be surprised if she does turn out to be here either. As of right now there is no proof that she is or isn’t. I am going to be part of that 5% and say she isn’t.

I also don’t trust her. It’s really hard to say if she is good or bad. Until she gets an Oda box or proves us wrong on the “oh we can trust her.” then I have no reason to and have every right to believe she isn’t on our side.

I DO hope she runs away or stands up to her mother and refuses the wedding. I dont want to see her and Sanji get married. One Sanji needs to return to the SHs. Two she’s not good enough for Sanji xD. I know right now she is Sanji’s only “light” but he diserves true happyness. Right now he is NOT happy. He is FORCING himself to act normal on Pudding’s sake to keep HER happy. We don’t know what she is going to do. Up until now she was all for the wedding. She didn’t seem to care that Sanji was sad and depressed. She was all “I will keep you happy. I wont let it get dark.” “when we get married.” yada yada. Not listing to what he was saying. Or realizing just how depressed he was on the whole situation.

I can’t say she is the worst char here. Honestly I’d probably be okay if she lived and had a happy ending. Leaving with Lola or something. Though I hope she does not join the SHs. I mean compaired to the others. She is a fucking boring charicter. (Though I am also in that 5% who does not want Jimbe to join either xD )

And no I couldn’t ship her with Sanji. I.rather see Sanji with Nami than pudding. Remind you I am a ZoSan shipper. XD

I can say some folks go.over bored with the hate. Yet I don’t care? I mean I dont think Pudding os 100% the reason of Sanji’s missary. It also falls on Judge and Big mom. But I also don’t think Judge is the bad guy in this arc? I think it’s souly on BM?

I get that Pudding is what.some say is “cute” and because she bakes shes a good canidate for Sanji. Sure. But still. Come on. She’s either going to end up being a royal pain in the ass who needs to get her ass kicked or we’ll never see her again after this arc. XD Either one I’ll be fine with.

It’s like Tashigi I don’t see how they are shipable/likeable chars.

HOWEVER I’m not in any way going to blame you or anyone on how you ship. Who you ship with. Thats your call. Just putting out my 2 cents.

Point it even if Sanji marries her. I’ll still ship ZoSan. Or CrocSan or UsoSan or SaNam and all the other awesome ships that I love. XD mostly ZoSan. ZoSan is the god of ships.


P.S so in really. I wont Judge you if you like pudding or ship her with Sanji. Just please don’t try and give me the reasons why I should. Because honestly I’ll probably disagree with your opnions. I really can’t see how Pudding is I don’t know a Good char. And not in the sense of Good vs Evil. Haha. Thats all.

Some pics from FBAWTFT premiere ….

We went to Pudding Cafe for the pre party

pets were allowed

Althought we always cosplay as gryffindor characters, all of us are hufflepuffs, here showing the hufflepuff pride with our founder, Helga <3

games and fun

so much people in the castle having fun before the film

Sirius and Remus with profs Trelawney and Sprout

Remus with the Black family

Tea time

wolfstar date <3

merienda time with the marauders and Tonks

with Lily

Professor McGonagall tutoring Peter

this ninja turtle is a fantastic beast

All the presents I got