Creaking floorboards, peeling wallpaper, leaky pipes and suspicious scuttling noises at night - your friends and family think you’ve gone crazy but you’re convinced you’ve found your dream home. Armed with a steam cleaner and paintbrushes, you’re determined to restore this beautiful house to its former glory!

Take a look at the house and…

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New Peachie Buns video is up! /(^x^)\ /(^x^)\
Lots of adorable fluffy footage of Pumpkin and Pudding while I answer the questions for the furry friend pet tag. :)

Hi simmers! I would like to invite you to join a brand new forum:

Pixelated Puddings

created by @roocheysims, @ice-creamforbreakfast@spoonsthings and myself! We wanted to make a small, welcoming forum where people could share their game and make friends. We plan on making it somewhere where everyone treats each other with respect and can share ideas and just hang out.  All games, from TS1 to TS4, are welcome!

We hope to see you there!


The Ship: Murder Party
With @sterfler@ashes-and-pudding and @flaskgarg