Portrait by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger

Portrait of a lady, said to be Lady Holderness, 1628



As you immediately notice, this painting is in need of a good clean! The problem is probably a discoloured varnish, which occurs naturally with ageing. The middle photo appears to show attempts to clear back the varnish and reveal the surface underneath in a number of small patch tests. As you can see, the actual colour of the dress is white, rather than the murky grey-brown it currently appears. The paining has cracklature or ageing cracks which are natural in a work of this age. 

Although the quality is difficult to see through the obscuration, it is visible with close inspection. The face is immediately striking; although the pose of the sitter is quite stiff, the face shows a liveliness and a sense of presence. The features are individualised and well modelled. One can see blue used on the temples to give a sense of the veins beneath the skin. Also, you can see the quality in the wispy locks of hair around the face, which show sensitivity. The shadows under the chin also display the artist’s skill. 

With the darkened varnish removed, the skin will appear pale but glowing, like in other portraits by the artist: 


Nothing Bigger from Gunther Gheeraert on Vimeo.

Nothing Bigger - 2015 Spanish Euromillions Director’s cut TVC
Shot in Madrid and Palma in Spain & Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand

Film Director: Günther Gheeraert
Director of Photography: Mahdi Lepart

Agency: Shackleton
Client: Loterías y Apuestas del Estado
Brand: Euromillones
Client Contact: Eva Pavo, Federico Fernández
Creative Director: Juan Nonzioli
General Manager: Lucía Angulo
Accounts Exe: Silvia Martínez
TV Department: Manuela Zamora, Cristina Cortizas

Daniel de la Fuente, Patricia Vidal, Kiko Veneno, Sarah Björndahl, Lohana, Edna Fontana, Amalia Yao, Alberto Nuñez, Yuna Miralles, Esteban Garrido, Paula Mendez, Laura Fuentes, Maria Begona Diaz, Ana Helena Fernández, Florencia Rigoni, Asia Marie, Alina R, Ana Z, Mochi, Vladimir, Ramon Aguilera, Maria del Carmen Martinez,Giuseppe Aste, Carlos Lantero

Production: Dr Troy
Executive Producer: Santiago Morali
Line Producer: Eva Garcia Cuadrado
Production Manager: Eva Mangas
Production Coordinator: Veronica Dichy
Art Director: Natalia Nieto
Art Assistant: Javier Navas
Graphist: Nuria Vich
Props Buyer: Maria Sanchez
Standby: David Pastor
Standby: David Fernandez
Art Assistant: Angela Rodriguez
Art Assistant: Elena Villanueva
Art Assistant: Aina Soler
Art Assistant: Bruno Loiseau
1st Assistant Director: Guillermo Martinez
2nd Assistant Director: Ivan Smith
Focus Puller: Paco Laso
2nd Assistant Camera: Adri Rodriguez
Focus Puller: Kiko Prieto
2nd Assistant Camera: Monica Blazquez
Gaffer: Asier Armental
Spark: Arturo Aguado
Spark: Angel Fernandez
Spark: Alejandro E. Garcia
Key Grip: Ildefonso Rodriguez
Electrician: Miguel Angel Rubio
Make Up: Guillermo Matellano
Make Up Assistant: Ana Pajares
Location Manager: Daniel Escribano Bustos
Location Assistant: Fernando Martinez
Casting: Merce Ramos
Storyboard Artist: Roger Pibernat
Wardrobe: David Cruz
Wardrobe Assistant: Isabel Flores
Wardrobe: Viviane Werdun
Wardrobe assistant: Sandra Gonzalez
Driver: Jaime Reinlein
Driver: Tristan Rosa
PA: David Sanz
PA: Nacho Penche
PA: Antonio Gomez
PA: Tony Palenzuela
Catering: Lucia Cuadrado

Thaïland Co-Production: TA Prod
Executive Producer: Serge Thimbre
Producer: Moodang
Associate Producer: Louis Ditapichai
Production Manager: Chloe Parot
Client Service Kitty Sound
Casting Director: Natt
Production Assistant: Ivee
Production Secretary: Pat
Art Director: Loe
Location Manager Phuket: Game
Location Manager bangkok: Ple
Props: Lom
1st Assistant Director: Will Dtangpaibool
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Second Assistant Camera: Song
Data Management: Mod
VDO Man: Champ
Gaffer: Anam
Key Grip: Somwang
Key Grip: Van Kob
Electrician: Gearhead
Wardrobe: Jay, Aum
Wardrobe Assistant: Waan
Make Up: Nart

Drone Crew: Skydrone-Vision
Pilot: Xavier Fiems
Camera: Sophie Vaneeckhoudt

Palma Crew:
Art Director: Angela Rodriguez
Art Assistant: Elena Villanueva
Art Assistant: Aina Soler
Graphist: Nuria Vich
Location Manager: Perico Ferrer
Location Assistant: Toni Pi
1st Assistant Director: Guillermo Martinez
Focus Puller: Luis Guervos
Camera Assistant: Mira
Video Assistant: Guido
Gaffer: Willy Sruytte
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Head PA: Jose Ballester
Pa: Tomas Estaben
Catering: Notenom
Making of: Elena Rotger

Post-Production: Deluxe Madrid
Post-Producer: Manuel Artola
Editor: Lluis Murua Marin
Flame Artist: David Bonfils
Flame Artist: Nacho Cepero
Motion Graphic Artist: Nacho Platero

Post-Production: Firm Studio
Post-Producer: Coralie Duarte
Colorist: Ghislain Rio

Music: Roberto Bogónez
Sound Design & Mix: Mooders
Voice Over: Jeremiah Costello

Cameras: Arri Alexa XT, Alexa Mini, Panasonic GH4, Canon 5D MkIII
Lenses: Cooke Anamorphics Series

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