Here’s Johnny (4)


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Trigger warning: GHB

Pairing: Johnny x Y/N x Jaehyun

Words: 3,937

Summary: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The following morning, you woke up to an empty bed.

The blankets were tucked in around you delicately, the only thing out of place being a pillow that was tucked under your arm. The left side of your body was against the sheets, with your right arm clutching the pillow to your chest. There was a chill that seemed to be absent when Johnny laid with you in the sheets, flowing through the air like ribbons of thin morning frost. It was an odd feeling. The last two days had been more eventful then the last two years of your life.

It was an odd feeling, his absence. The sudden normality of waking up alone was strange, ironically enough.


No response. It didn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t there, though. He could be in the kitchen like the previous day. You pulled off the sheets and slid your bare feet onto the chilled wooden floor, wiggling your toes at the light sensation. Light streamed through the thin gaps between the blinds, highlighting the tiny particles of dust in the air. The vent filters must need to be changed again.

You shivered as the air met your exposed chest, covered in only short cotton pajamas and a plain mauve bra. You checked the time briefly before sliding fully off the bed to find a fresh set of scrubs for work that day, heading down the hallway leading to the kitchen.

“Johnny?” You called again, “Are you- oh?” He wasn’t in there as well. You glanced to the side, hoping that he wasn’t there but also partiality wishing he would be. The minority in your heart wept as the majority cheered, relived to see that the brunette man was not in the apartment. You made sure the front door was locked even though he had probably stolen a key or knew how to lock -pick.  You wouldn’t put either of those acts past him.

You headed back to the bathroom, letting your fingers trail along the eggshell textured paint that coated the walls. The bathroom door was open, and it smelled of your body wash again. He must have taken a shower before leaving, although not recently. There were no traces of fog on the mirror and the room was cold, contrary to the humid, stifling feel of yesterday morning. You missed the warmth as well.

In the reflective surface of the mirror, something caught your eye. A black spot on your cheek absorbed the light, the one speck on darkness in the white tiled room. You reached a hand up, softly brushing your hand against it as you leaned towards the mirror for a closer look.

It was the shape of two lips formed into a kiss, the remnants of what you presumed to be dried blood slowly flaking off as the pad of your index finger skimmed over it. You sighed; I can only hope this was from the blood bag. Sick freak.

“What does that make me, then?” You thought aloud, “Hippocratic oath, my ass…” You grabbed a wash cloth and scrubbed it off harshly, leaving your skin red and irritated. Letting the rag drop to the floor, you got in the shower.  You washed up completely, hand still traveling to the spot on your cheek. His affection was strange, and you told yourself you didn’t want it. Fake it till you make it, Y/N.

You got out of the shower later than you usually did, having lost time as the water took each second and washed it away, unnoticed by your distracted mind. You checked the time, doing a double take when you realized you wouldn’t have any time to eat if you wanted to make it to work on time.


You threw on your clothes as fast as you could, the familiar soft blue making your world a summer sky as you tugged the top over your head. Moments like those reminded you of your childhood, of the days where you would lay on the grass and stare up at the unblemished world above, free of stress. Sadly, those days were gone, replaced by disease and pollution that plagued your city, the sky forever tinged with a sickness that was forever irreversible. You stretched your arms though the sleeves and popped your head through the top. You were back in the real world now.

You exited the bathroom after minimal skin and general care, grabbing your purse that had been set down beside the door the former evening. You left the apartment, ignoring the ache in your chest with your car keys in hand. You passed the ache off as hunger.

It has been months since you’ve last seen Johnny. Four, to be exact. There was no sign that he had returned to your apartment in those three months. No blood kisses on your face, no misplaced or lost items, and most definitely no face to face confrontations or sounds in the night. The only face to face confrontations have been from your increasingly intrusive neighbor, Jaehyun.

He wouldn’t leave you alone, always bumping into you in the streets when you had to grocery shop or buy supplies for either your job or general home life. He always seemed to appear out of nowhere, as if he manifested before you just as you were about to buy a coffee or walk into a shop. He even showed up at the hospital you worked at, once, claiming to be a visitor for someone. You had made eye contact across the room as you headed into another wing, holding his emotionless dark gaze for the lesser half of a second before you turned away and focused your eyes on the floor in front of you.

The worst part was, he would never say anything to you. He would look but never speak. Nearly every trip in the elevator since the day Johnny disappeared, he had been there. He would prop himself against the wall and study you like you were a textbook, reading the cover to assume what it would contain. Never speaking, just looking. Today was one of the few days where he wasn’t on the elevator.

The hot summer had faded into autumn, replacing the humidity with acidic rain and the sunburnt grass with layers of dead leaves. People had broken out the face masks, covering their noses and mouths so the mold and mildew that hid in the wet leaves wouldn’t affect them as much. You used to love the autumn, when you lived out in the country. You hated it now. You had hated it since the day your aunt made you join medical school and move here just to be closer to the college of “your” dreams.

All that had been going on lately… all the death, the murders, the return of the epidemic… it brought back memories you had stored away and pretended were distant nightmares. You needed something solid to hold onto. You didn’t care what, but you needed it soon. Loss was not what you needed right now, but it’s what the world was handing to you in box that smelled of bleach, cleaners, and latex gloves. The city around you was poisonous, and no amount of hard chemicals could wipe that away.

You sighed, breath rumbling in your chest as the dirty air left your lungs. Eight more floors and you’d be back at your apartment’s door.

You watched as the numbers ticked by slowly, growing arithmetically. They stopped when you reached floor 24, and you got out. The stainless steel doors parted as you left the metal box with a worn floor, scuffed and sullied from years and years of use. It had been what… three years since you had moved out from your aunt’s place? You wondered how she was doing, having not called in god knows how long.

You turned the corner and into your hallway when Jaehyun’s door suddenly opened, the black haired male rushing out while struggling to close the door behind him and simultaneously shove an arm through his jacket sleeve. He cursed at the faux leather, finally getting his arm through and kicking the door shut with his foot. You stared, smiling slightly at his red face. It was the first time you had seen him so antsy as he was usually so composed and put together (although a bit creepy with his expressionless face and voice.)

He patted himself down, looking for something. Jaehyun made a little “ah ha” noise when he found whatever it was, pulling it – a cell phone – out of his pocket. He was about to call or do something when he jumped, catching sight of you over the screen.

“Oh!” He exclaimed, breathing out when he realized it was just his neighbor. You internalized your laughter, enjoying his reaction, “I thought you were- You scared me.”

I thought you were what? He was back at it again with the cryptic and creepy messages.

“Didn’t intend to,” You joked, using a teasing tone. The two of you had never spoken informally, so it felt a bit strange. The only people you had used this tone with were Doyoung and… that was it. You weren’t exactly close with anyone, now that you thought about it. You drew your lips together, nodding awkwardly, “I’m just gonna… go… now…”

You made a move to go past him, bee-lining for your apartment when he caught your wrist in his hand.  His grip felt different from Johnny’s.


You paused, waiting for him to continue as you took a step back towards him. He released your wrist.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while now,” he tucked his thumbs into the corner of his front jean pockets, “I didn’t say anything for a while because, well, your cousin looked like he wanted to aggressively sauté me  last time I saw him.”

If only you knew, you thought. You hadn’t known their confrontation had been that tense, though. Johnny had been so lax and carefree around you, although that’s because he probably believed you feared him, which you did. Obviously, you didn’t fear him very much, but…

“He’s not that bad, really!” You laughed but it was strained, waving your hand dismissively.

“Says the person who he talks about like a goddess,” Jaehyun’s lips tipped up slightly, and your eyebrows rose at the discovery of a feature you didn’t know he possessed. Two cute little dimples decorated his cheeks, brightening his expression. He went back on his words once he saw your surprised expression, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” he grinned, “But in the meantime…”


“Can we swap numbers?” He asked, “I just thought that since we’re neighbors it would be appropriate, you know? You seem nice, even though I’m an unexpressive ass who probably gave you and your cousin – especially your cousin - the wrong idea.”

You raised an eyebrow, “Really? Why all of a sudden?” It didn’t seem logical that after all these months, actually over a year now, of living in the same building that he would ask for your number at this point. It might have to do with the fact that you found him intimidating and made the conscious move to avoid unnecessary contact, but that was beside the point.

“You just caught my interest, that’s all,” the corner of his lip fell slightly, “Besides, with all that’s going on with the disease and the… murders… I thought I’d be good if we had someone to rely on – apart from the usual people, I mean,” he rubbed his neck and licked his lips a bit, gesturing to his apartment, “Do you want to come in?”

Bro, I’m still in scrubs.

“Let me go home and change first.”

He tilted his head to the side, confused for a moment before he realized you were in your work clothes, “Oh! Yes, of course! Sorry if I was being-”

“Its fine,” you assured him, “I won’t be long, don’t worry. I haven’t properly spoken with a human outside of work for quite some time.”

“What about Johnny?”

You came up with a quick lie on your feet, “He hasn’t been around very often, he’s… work conflicts, that kind of thing.”

Jaehyun nodded, ‘ah-ing’ slightly with a tip of his head, “Well, I don’t want to keep you too long. The door will be open, so you can just kinda enter. I’ll make some food, you must be hungry.”

Starving, actually.

“Good,” he laughed, dimples showing once again.

And…. I said that out loud.

To prevent further embarrassment you chose to nod and depart to your own apartment, offering a small, polite threshold. Your eyes were on the ground as you stripped off your shoes by kicking at the heels, nudging them into the corner a little roughly. You hadn’t expected Johnny to be home when you raised your head and began to strip your shirt.

“You know he’s just trying to get into your pants, right?”

You jumped, “Holy shit! You scared me!”

“Good,” Johnny deadpanned, “You’re not going to his apartment.”

“Says who?” You snarled, pushing past him, “Last time I checked, you were healed and absent. I had hoped you would be gone forever too, after all that anxiety and terror you put me through.”

I’m actually mad you didn’t stay.

Johnny frowned, “Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not leaving. I was just busy.”

You frowned, glancing at the television in your living room and remembering the occasional but consistent murders around the city.  The city was already in mourning for those perishing to the virus, and he only added to the grief. It was hard to believe someone had the gall to excuse those activities as being “busy.”

“I’m going over to his house whether you like it or not, Johnny,” his eyes darkened as they watched you open the door to your room, “I’m getting dressed. If you come in, I’ll lacerate your dick.”


I think I just vomited a bit in my mouth.

You closed the door behind you and quickly stripped of your shirt, throwing it on your bed instead of the hamper. You were too irritated to be orderly, anyway. Outside your room, Johnny could be heard leaning against your bedroom door. He tapped his fingers rhythmically against the hardwood floor, sounding like the staccato beat of horse hooves.

“Can you stop?” You asked as you pulled on a pair of dark washed jeans. They outlined your figure nicely, flattering your ass. You had a feeling Johnny wouldn’t like Jaehyun seeing you in them. Perfect.

“Can you not go over to his house?” His tone was soft, almost resigned.

You sighed, searching through your closet. Your hand danced between two tops, one revealing and one moderately conservative. You picked the revealing one.

“Stop trying to control me,” you commanded, “You’re not my dad.”

He’s dead. Don’t try to replace him.

“I’m not trying to be your dad,” he insisted, “I’m trying to help you. Jaehyun’s dangerous, haven’t you seen the way he looks at you? He’s not looking for a neighborly chat, I’d say. I don’t know what he’s doing, but it’s not good. Listen to me, Y/N, Please.

“No, Johnny. Listen to me. I can handle myself. I’ve handled myself for the last fucking ten years and I can do it for another ninety. Why would I listen to you over Jaehyun? He’s never done anything to harm me,” you crouched down besides the door, speaking through the vertical gap, “Unlike you.”

You heard the scuffle of feet as he rose to a standing position. He leaned against the door, speaking through the gap just like you were, “I didn’t hurt you.” He sounded like he was trying to convince himself of his words, “Tell me, when did I hurt you?”



The floorboards creaked under his weight as he leaned back, drawing in a long breath through his nose and letting it slowly back out through his mouth. He sighed, losing his portentous tone, “Alright. I’ll leave you alone then. Have fun at Jae’s.”

“I will,” You had finished getting dressed and found your phone that you had set aside, tucking it in your back pocket. The house was eerily silent as you get the rest of your things together and toned yourself down after the argument. Guilt was making its way forward as you thought.

I wish I could tell you I didn’t mean it, but if I do, I’m afraid that that will be true.

You opened the door, “I won’t be gone long- Johnny?” The front door was wide open with no trace of the brunette in your apartment, “Did he leave? Huh…”


I must have really pissed him off to have him disappear so soon, although I wonder why he reappeared in the first place.

You left the apartment, locking the door behind you after you made sure he had your keys. He wasn’t anywhere to be seen in the hallways, either. You frowned but quickly wiped that expression away when you turned to Jaehyun’s door, nearly knocking on it before you remembered that he left it open. You tried the knob and it turned cleanly, making no noise as the door turned on its hinges. You stepped into his apartment.

The walls were a clean white, with a more matte texture than the eggshell paint of your apartment. A few accents of cream and sea blue decorated the trim, making you think of the ocean. It was soothing, to say the least, even though there were no decorations on the walls.

You looked around a bit more, noticing that everything was clean and tidy, nothing out of place. You wouldn’t have pegged Jaehyun to be the meticulous type. A coworker of yours was like that too, one of the seniors of the job. Doctor Lee Taeyong, you believed. He was so clean it was scary, but it was a fitting trait for a doctor. You don’t think you’ve even seen a speck of lint on his coat, much less a stain.

He would love this apartment, you thought, catching eye of the cleaning supplies in the cracked open hallway closet.

He would really love this apartment.

“Do you like chicken parmesan?” Jaehyun’s sudden voice invaded your thoughts, “Or are you vegetarian? I can make you a salad if you want.”

You raised your eyebrows, processing his words, “Oh!- Um… Whatever you’re making now is fine. I don’t want to be a bother.”

He laughed and you followed his voice to the kitchen, peeking around the corner to see him over the stove, “Chicken parm it is, then.”

You made a soft noise of acknowledgment, standing awkwardly by the wall. Were you supposed to sit down at the table? Or should you help him? Or-

“Can you grab some plates out of the cabinet real quick? My hands are kinda full right now… I’m not used to cooking for two,” You stayed for a moment before humming, coming into the kitchen and looking for the cabinet that held the plates. Opening the first one you came to, all you found was cups.

“To the right,” he said, looking up from the sauce pan briefly. It looked like the chicken was sticking to the pan, “They should be on the middle shelf – yeah – there.”

You pulled two of the ceramic dishes off their stack, holding them carefully so as not to drop them. The floor was hard tile with thin grout. If the plates dropped, they would shatter into a million tiny, razor-sharp pieces.

You set them on the table softly, one of the plates making a boorish noise when it spun on is bottom similarly to a spun coin that’s about to fall flat on its face. The table cloth was a crisp white, not a single crease in the immaculate fabric. He would probably be grossed out if he walked into your apartment… all the mess…

He brought the sauce pan over and placed a piece of chicken on each of your plates, gesturing for you to sit down. He came back over, pouring red sauce and sprinkling parmesan over them delicately. He seemed stiff as he stood, brow wrinkled in thought, “Oh, I forgot drinks!”

He readied up to open the cabinet next to the plates, pulling out two moderately sized cups with a beautiful, gradual curve. Geometric patterns were carved into the glass, making it glitter like a precious gem.

“Are you okay with juice?” He said, looking through his fridge and pulling out a pitcher of crystalline red liquid. He removed the cap, “How about cranberry?”

“That’s fine,” you murmured. He nodded, standing over the cups on the counter with his back turned to you. The atmosphere suddenly felt much more… tense.

“Where’s your cousin? Is he at home?” He asked, turning to look at you with a smile.

“Why do you ask?” You shot back, distrusting. His smile had begun to look fake, his lines sounded rehearsed… A sense of fear began to peck at you, but you washed it away with the sharp taste of cranberries. You nursed your cup throughout the conversation. He didn’t touch his.


“Just curious,” he dismissed your anxiety with a lax wave of his palm, “I heard shouting and couldn’t make it out. I didn’t hurt your relationship, I hope. I… I know he doesn’t like me, so…”

“He doesn’t dislike you.”

He hates you.

“Ah, that’s a relief…” He got up, suddenly, confusing you. That soon cleared when you realized he was just getting utensils. He handed you a fork and knife from across the table. They shook in your grasp, “Too bad he will loath me soon.”

“What?” You had begun to feel shaky, but at the same time less there. The world began to feel a little dreamlike and it was hard to focus.  The fork fell from your hand and clattered to the floor as you struggled to get out of the chair, legs feeling numb, “I should be leaving. I just realized that someone’s coming over to fix the…. Um… fix the…”

You pushed the chair in and made your way to the door with haste, struggling to walk in a straight line. You knew the symptoms, you knew the effects, you knew how long it took for them to set… Johnny was right.

Jaehyun’s dangerous and he just fucking drugged me. I need to get out.

“Not so fast, love,” You began to shake violently as he grabbed your arm and pulled you to him, caressing under your chin, “You haven’t even stayed for dinner yet!”

You tried to move, you really did, but he wasn’t like Johnny. Johnny might be a killer, Johnny might be a cannibal, but Johnny still understood human emotion. Johnny still had some human emotion. When you looked into Jaehyun’s eyes now, all you saw was animalistic, twisted desires. He put on a mask to lure you in, to pretend he was the good guy, but he wasn’t. Jaehyun was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Your breathing became erratic as his cold hands stroked your chin, his smile turning upwards. The sick part was that this smile was genuine, not all the other ones he had given you in the past. This smile reached his eyes, lighting them with a dark controlled fire that could only be put out by satisfying his desires.

He laughed at your shivers, kissing your forehead just like Johnny had.

“Let’s eat.”


No, seriously. I want to know. I didn’t plan this plot twist till about halfway through the this chapter because Jaehyun was originally supposed to be a good guy, undercover cop of sorts.As you can see, I clearly changed that plot line :)

P.s: Y/N was drugged with 2g of GHB. It is a very potent drug, but Jaehyun slipped just enough to have her movements and thoughts limited. She is, and will be, awake.

Thanks for reading!


Nouveau Ancestors

Well, these took approximately a million years.  But hey, they’re done now, and I learned a lot long the way.  Unfortunately, I also lost the original order I wanted to put them in after they were paired up..  Oh well, first and last are still the same.


Yes finished! I was just thinking, why make a huge deal about the sufferer’s death? Wouldn’t it just create more trouble than it was worth to demonstrate your power, like make him into a symbol for rebellion. I like the idea that the Condesce wasn’t directly involved with the matter and gets pretty pissed with how it was handled after