Being a snake was hard. Snake, mermaid thing. Whatever. Cronus was doing his best to move around, he was finally getting the hang of it. But that was the least of his worries, he had to fight off all the trees trying to snag at his hair. He shouts in frustration, already regretting this choice to go outside. Why did people go out in the woods?! It fuckin’ blows!  He was so busy fighting off nature that he didn’t notice the small valley he was approaching until he was tumbling down it. He lands, thankfully, in some leafs and that’s it. He huffs and sits up.
“Fuck this, I’m going home.” He muttered to himself, brushing dirt off himself, trying to fix his hair the most.
He tensed up when he heard laughter. Not just any laughter. He knew that shitty…deep laugh. He turned to see his terrible ex, GHB watching him. Great, just what he needed. But what the fuck was he doing all the way out here?
“What, are you stalking me now, chief??” He shouted out to him, hating when his voice cracked.
He was nervous around him yeah but he didn’t want to show it. While waiting for an answer he noticed GHB looked…different. He had goat legs, the fur trailing up to under his belly button. Great, this dumb magic had reached him too. Who else was affected? He’d worry about that later.
“Oh, you’d think it’d be only about you.” He chuckled at him, it hurt but he didn’t let him see it.
Cronus rolls his eyes, turning away to head home, he didn’t need this. His ears perk straight up when he hears the taller, now goat, man slide into the valley to walk over to Cronus. Urgh, GHB looked even taller now since he was stuck closer to the ground. He had to look a ways up at him, not enjoying it at all. Jesus, did GHB get even hairier? It looked really g- shitty, terrible, like the worst thing ever.
“What do you want? To mock me so more, you psycho?” He spat at him.
Psycho? That’s the best he could do? Come on, he’s made people cry with his words before! Why couldn’t he do it now? Why not at him? He deserved every sour word he could shout, he deserved to be reduced to a bug. But with this difference in height, and with how the moon light shined in his long hair…it was hard to think up hurtful words. He forced himself to look away so he could think clearly. The air felt warmer than it did before…shit, Cro thought he was cold blooded, why was he heating up like this?
“Come. Sit down.” GHB spoke up, snapping Cronus out of his thoughts.
He sat down and pat the grass next to him, smiling at Cronus. It looks genuine, like when they were together. Cro swallowed, he wasn’t fast enough to just book it, he wasn’t used to his tail quite like that. He gave in and slithered over, coiling up his tail around himself once beside him. His ear fluttered a bit, he was nervous as fuck now. Before he digs deep into his thoughts, GHB spoke up again.
“I’ve heard you started dating again.”
It wasn’t a question, it was matter-of -act, he knew damn well it was the truth. No point in denying it.
“Yeah, ain’t gonna disappoint someone the chance of a century.” He managed to keep his voice level. Good.
GHB laughed hard at that, made his stomach turn in embarrassment. Guess that was pretty stupid to say. He blushed, not daring to look at him.
“Ahh…you haven’t changed at all.” He wiped an eye, still chuckling.
That…pissed him off, they haven’t even been apart for what? almost 2 months? Did he expect him to be more depressed about him? To be sad? To…stay up at night, staring at his phone for his calls. To stare out his window, with the hopes he’d come around with a boombox to hold over his head to win him back. To want him back. At all. Shit…he was crying.
Cronus covered his mouth, trying to calm himself down, he clenched his eyes shut and felt the tears spill. Why did he love him? Why was he cursed like this? He hiccuped out a sob and then felt a hand on his back. He looked up, surprised to see GHB was comforting him. Bastard, he punched his chest as he sobbed, this was all his fault. He loved him and he hated it!
“Fuck y-you! You don’t care ab-about me!” Cronus shouted at him.
“That’s not true.” GHB was calm talking back at him.
“I was upset.” He cut Cronus off, “I was terrible, but you got to understand that your dad has it out for me. Of course he’d ruin the only good thing for me.”
The only good thing? Did he mean that? His heart clenched up, excited to hear that. But he remembered what his father told him.
“You hurt…you hurt my dad w-when–”
He gets cut off again, “We were young. I was only 20. I made mistakes, but so did your father. Everyone makes mistakes. I’ve learned.”
Cronus shook his head, he promised his dad to stay from him. GHB grabs his chin, making him stop before kissing him. God…it felt great. He…he really missed him. He moved his arms around his neck, pulling himself closer to him. He shut his eyes, letting himself enjoy the moment. Cronus needed him, more than anything. 
Maybe GHB knew that, maybe that’s why he came all the way out here. He didn’t want to pull away, afraid that the moment he did GHB would recant everything he said. But they needed to breathe, so they parted. GHB kissed his cheek, moving toward his ears. He shuddered, it felt so good. Maybe…maybe they could try this again.
He’ll just make sure to not tell Dad. 

I meant to draw ancestors but instead I found an expressions book and drew a lot of highbloods without reference and in an inadvisably short amount of time.  For convenient reference

Telling puns:

Being told puns:

That one friend who APPARENTLy owns an ENTIRE FUCKING BOOK of puns:


LOWBLOODS HATE HIM!  Local racist grandpa highblood murderpope has body of four trolls 1/100th of his age hanging up in his exsanguination cabinet and booty that just won’t quit, experts say.

“why do you keep drawing the Grand HIghblood of all people so attractive?” experts say.  “Why the back tattoo?  Why did you think it was a good idea to try to draw all that hair in a bun?”

nobody is on at this time of night to witness my shame right?  Right.  Yes.  Definitely.