I meant to draw ancestors but instead I found an expressions book and drew a lot of highbloods without reference and in an inadvisably short amount of time.  For convenient reference

Telling puns:

Being told puns:

That one friend who APPARENTLy owns an ENTIRE FUCKING BOOK of puns:


Yes finished! I was just thinking, why make a huge deal about the sufferer’s death? Wouldn’t it just create more trouble than it was worth to demonstrate your power, like make him into a symbol for rebellion. I like the idea that the Condesce wasn’t directly involved with the matter and gets pretty pissed with how it was handled after


I’m so excited to finally get a glimpse of the Dark Carnival!

But the question remains, whose memory is this? It can’t be Gamzee’s because a) he never saw the Dark Carnival while he was alive (presumably it’s off-planet?) and these bubbles are memories not imaginary places, and b) you have to be dead to have memory bubbles, and there are no dead Gamzees.

I don’t think it’s Kurloz’s because I’m not sure that Beforus would have a Dark Carnival like this.

So… new question: Can ancestors exist in dream bubbles? Because I know who I hope this is…

I was going to give a reason why this existed, but then I realized it’s been so long since I sketched it I’ve forgotten why I originally needed so badly to draw the Grand Highblood as a punk.  But regardless of the reason, horn-engravings and horn-studs are important to me.

…i don’t have an explanation for why he’s sherbet orange though. :I