After I saw this post that showed the red lotus members as teenagers, it really sunk in for me that they had to have done pretty nasty things and seen some shit to become such jaded and vengeful adults. What really struck me was how much they reminded me of the gaang, just all their smiles and bright young eyes that hoped for a future full of promise. 


The Red Lotus

Since everyone’s sharing their work, I decided I’ll share the stuff I made for Nickelodeon and Gallery Nucleus’ Legend of Korra Tribute Exhibition on March 7. I was (and I still am) a very big fan of “The Last Airbender” and “Legend of Korra” so I was really excited when Nucleus invited me to be part of the show.

A few years back, I made my own version of the “Opening Sequence” of Korra (which will be also be on the show) 

This time around, I made a tetraptych of the members of The Red Lotus:
Zaheer, P'Li, Ghazan & Minghua.

Hope y'all like it! :)

LOK Villain Party.


BK: Villains are always fun to create and write for, so Book Three was a blast in this regard. Mike, Tim, Josh and I got to dream up a team of baddies who represented each of the four elements, but with rare and deadly skills. The designers and I hastily cranked out concept designs so the storyboard artists would have at least rough materials to work with at the start of the new season.

Designs by Bryan Konietzko, Christie Tseng, Angela Song Mueller, and Ki-Hyun Ryu. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf.