ghastly ghouls

imagine going pumpkin picking with taehyung and carving smiley jack-o-laterns into the bright orange pumpkins when you get home. imagine getting warm apple cider and pumpkin pie with seokjin as you sit and watch the colorful leaves fall outside the cafe doors. imagine dressing up in flowy capes and sticky fake blood with jungkook for his company’s annual halloween party. imagine running through a haunted house with yoongi, holdig his hand and screaming as you escape the grabby hands of groaning zombies and ghastly ghouls. imagine taking a bumpy hayride with namjoon by your side, shivering from the autumn air but warming up by the fire afterwards while you make delicious s'mores. imagine buying cart-loads of halloween decorations, ranging from cobwebs to tacky, plastic pumpkins with hoseok and going home to hang them up, laughing as a hairy, fake spider makes your boyfriend scream. imagine raking up all the fallen leaves, all the gold and red and brown combining to make a huge, cushioned pile to jump in joyfully with jimin. just imagine fall time with bangtan.