not-so-perfect-porcelain  asked:

Hey, can you post some beginner basics for necromancy?

The beautiful thing about necromancy is it is such a broad topic that such a question is a bit like, “How do I assure myself and this orange I am appreciating it while sitting in the dark?”

Are we talking about ghosts? Ghouls? Ghasts? Lichs? Zombies? Animated body parts? Phantasms? Revenants? Vampire? Shades? Shadows? Ah, shadows! That goes into a whole other line of thought. The same can be said for will-o-wisps! Glorious.

And then there is the other axis!

Resurrected by need to accomplish a task? Recording of emotion or misdeed? Random circumstance? Magical energy gone awry? Magical energy directed by artifact? Spell caster? Monster? Raised by other undead?

The list goes on endlessly. To cut to the chase:

  1. Believe in something weird and dark and unknowable.
  2. Seek it out.

stop acting like young & questioning girls are attacking the lesbian identity by trying it out to see if it fits them. they’re not tainting your identity or threatening its integrity, they’re navigating a complicated hellscape of homophobia & heteronormativity to try to figure themselves out and they need support and love and community not ur shitty gold star politics

fun blackwall facts !

  • seems to enjoy fishing
  • escaped a ghast attack armed only with a rock and a headache
  • is a huge jousting nerd, argues about who’s the greatest knight of all time with varric
  • has been to kirkwall, specifically the hanged man
  • varric can tell that aveline is stronger than blackwall
  • bull says if blackwall joined the qun he would either be a ben-hassrath or a laborer
  • had a younger sister who died when they were both children
  • lends cassandra his favorite whetstone then lets her keep it
  • helps train inquisition recruits
  • is best friends with sera, calls her “fuzz head”
  • offers to spend the night with sera in the tavern drinking if the inquisitor and sera break up
  • “i stole all the beards, all the power held within. there can be only one

night-ghast  asked:

Interesting question: How do you think the world would have reacted if the tables were turned and it was PSG who had made the big 6-1 comeback? I'm thinking the news headlines would be less like "PSG ACHIEVE GREATEST COMEBACK IN FOOTBALL HISTORY!!!" and more like "BARCELONA ROBBED BY PSG AND BIASED REFEREE".

ooooh interesting question!

if psg had lost the 1st leg and had conceded 4 goals in barcelona it wouldn’t have been a big deal only maybe except in france where l’Equipe would’ve made a comment like “psg as usual, couldn’t find the solution” but the rest of the world wouldn’t have commented on the game they would’ve just said that barcelona unsurprisingly dominated psg.
now for the 2nd leg, if psg had been playing the way barca did and had in fact a biased referee, now this is where i’m a bit unsure on the reaction, cause psg is historically an inferior team compared to barca (i’m not saying it in a bad way it’s just the truth) so the fact that an “inferior” team beat one of the best teams in the world it would’ve been a huge deal especially that no other team before had done a remontada like this in the champions league THOUGH if psg had been rewarded by two (for me it’s one) uncertain penalties and that a penalty should’ve been rewarded to barcelona there would’ve been an outrage. not necessarily from the press but from barcelona.
for instance i’m surprised that the psg players didn’t talk that much about the referee’s decisions they just mentionned it and said that maybe the referee was biased but their reactions were mostly about how badly they played in the last 10 minutes of the game.
i think that barcelona would have talked more about the referee than their performance (that’s just my opinion).
and even though i think that the front news of the papers would’ve been about psg’s accomplishment, most of the journalists (and the people) would have talked about how bad barcelona played.
like in the 1st leg, people were concentrating on how barcelona got destroyed by psg and not how well psg played.


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Solitary little creatures, they are wisps of the cold wind, dancing about both high and low. Following the trails of curiosity, the only hint of their presence is the colored soul that hovers above their skulls. They are quick, cunning, but generally passive in nature.

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I feel like being productive and doing things to improve myself today, so I’m cleaning my room, practicing languages on DuoLingo, and I’m going to practice my ukulele!

 How many languages can you learn at once before your brain can’t handle it? I’m mainly working on German, but I also want to learn Norwegian, Welsh, and Russian, and they have Swahili too, and they are working on making Indonesian and Klingon. I probably shouldn’t start all of those at once though because I won’t retain it…

Good mourning

It is cold, wet, and very early as Atticus stands outside the graveyard gates, shooing in the ghouls and ghasts before the sun rises.

He fusses that they will be exposed to the harsh sunlight, they fret that he will catch a chill.