Tribal Relations Headcanons (Gharl)

Hello everyone! Included under a cut (Because it’s all my random thoughts and otherwise a bit long) are the first 13 official Xaela tribes, as well as small, headcanon blurbs about general interactions + feelings on behalf of the Gharl!

Only including 13 for now because 51 is a huge number! Feel free to send me asks or messages asking for further elaboration, debate and discussion, another headcanon for a specific tribe, or (with information) a headcanon for a player tribe!

And of course, these are all my personal headcanons that do not need to be accepted by other Gharl roleplayers or roleplayers of any of the mentioned tribes. They are also subject to change or be disregarded as more information about Xaela tribes is revealed by Square.

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A Gharl Headcanon

((Because I’m on a train with Tumblr Mobile and nothing to do…))

Gharl, being “The Dirt Tribe” and otherwise having an affinity with nonmetal materials (I.E. Clay, specific to this Headcanon), produce a variety of fired pottery and other sculptures.

What most people might not realize that is that the working, molding and otherwise sculpting of earthen materials is traditionally restricted to Shamans or their students. Many significant practices in the tribe depend upon the shaman’s artistic ability, from the ritual urns they use to mix, carry and dump soil to traditional declarations of love and marriage proposals. Aside from this, Gharl pottery is one of the few unique items they have to offer to trade to other tribes. Through some of the more settled tribes, Gharl pottery has made its into the greater world, being far more common in Doma and Thavnair than anywhere else.

The Gharl prefer clay to stone for these works as it takes less time to gather, carry and work with. If the tribe is to stay in a certain place for several weeks (if not moons) then stonework quickly joins the list of used materials, though stone sculptures tend to be left behind unless they are small enough to be carried, for obvious reasons.

((Thoughts? Concerns, Questions? I always hope to have my Headcanons sharpened and modified so that they work instead of rejected, so feel free to comment!))

Gharl Headcannon Idea

So I have an idea I want to pass by you guys about the Gharl tribe.

This idea comes from a mix of Sanyo’s backstory, and the fact we are small in number.

Sanyo’s parents were planning on selling out the tribe in order to protect themselves and Sanyo (which is why Sanyo executed them).

But what if she executed them too late, and they had already contacted the legatus of the area?


needy-plushie  asked:

Do they have any pilgrimages? Where do the tribespeople go? Why? What are they hoping to gain? How long is the journey, and do people make it to their destination most of the time? - From TrashHawu

The Algadei of the Malqir don’t go on any pilgrimages.  They consider all the land to be equally sacred, and to call one site holy would be neglecting all the rest.  As a nomadic people that ranges far, they regularly visit everywhere within their territory.

Since coming to Eorzea from the Azim Steppe, they’ve taken to practicing a tradition similar to the Gharl.  Upon arriving with soil from Othard, they spread it on the first campground.  Ever since, they’ve carried soil from one location to the other with each migration.