For the guy that made GOD cool...

I still can’t get over the fact that Colton Dixon got eliminated. It’s too soon for him. I started watching American Idol again after (a couple of awful 2 seasons) I found out that he auditioned and got it again in Season 11.

The thing is, I GET HIM. Listen to my iPod and you will learn we love the same music. I get him even more because he’s not afraid to show he’s faith. I’m not the craziest Catholic but I know I wouldn’t get caught dead professing my faith. And he’s a breath of fresh air amidst current music devoid of substance and taste.

Him being gone means he won’t be obliged to sell his soul to those AI producers. He can make his own music, Christian music, as he has already declared. Hopefully, he gets picked up by a Christian record company so he can do what he wants. Trust me, you can rock even if you’re emo. (Dashboard Confessional is under a Christian Record Company and even if they’re commercial, Carrabba has worship songs hidden in his records. DC’s “write it out” remains to be my Worship song)

As a slapping landslide of good measure, he handled himself well at the end. His swan song? HIS ultimate worship song, Everything. In the interviews after, he only saw that God has a plan for him. No hard feeling, no regrets, no hate. And that ladies and gentlemen is a true class act.

Here’s to the artist that made skunk hair hot!

Here’s to the playful boy that never ran out of skinny jeans.

And here’s to the rocker that made GOD cool.

teammohawk forever