ghanaian designer

Kente or the prints maybe a trend for now and to many but for us the originators Ghanaians and ghana it has so much more meaning.

We know our kente 😊🇬🇭👑🌍

Do you?

Colours and meaning 

black—maturation, intensified spiritual energy 

blue—peacefulness, harmony and love 

green—vegetation, planting, harvesting, growth, spiritual renewal 

gold—royalty, wealth, high status, glory, spiritual purity 

grey—healing and cleansing rituals; associated with ash 

maroon—the color of mother earth; associated with healing 

pink—assoc. with the female essence of life; a mild, gentle aspect of red 

purple—assoc. with feminine aspects of life; usually worn by women , signification of royals 

red—political and spiritual moods; bloodshed; sacrificial rites and death. 

silver—serenity, purity, joy; associated with the moon 

white—purification, sanctification rites and festive occasions 

yellow—preciousness, royalty, wealth, fertility, beauty. 

A trend to most a spiritual ancestral connection to us. 👑🌍  ghana land of freedom and justice, culture tradition and royalty. 

Attire by Ghanaian designer mimmy.yeboah🇬🇭