me: gonna let myself post bad things here! even if im not happy with them! stop judging yrself so hard!!!
also me: *spends 4 hours tweaking a tiny amount of pixels before i upload it*

okay this is /super/ heavily referenced, to the point where i had a 4x4 grid over the original of this tiny thing and colourpicked the initial colours off it, but still. I sort of winged it with the background and I ended up liking that more lmao.

He looks weird w/o his whiskers but I couldnt get them to not look super weird, this is the best i got but i really hate it:

bonus of the background on its own:

but. Objectively. It’s pretty decent considering i hadn’t reeally attempted pixel art before 4 days ago and i should stop obsessing over it. aint gonna be making masterpieces overnight.

Getting my gear ready for the Women’s March on Washington ✌✊ ❤💜💛💚💙

(I’m pretty proud of myself. I found a $6 Hanes, bought a pack of transfer paper and designed the sweatshirt myself. Cost me less than $15)