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India Eisley - GIF Hunt

Under the cut there are #504 mostly HQ Gifs of India Eisley, she is best known for her work in Underworld: Awakening and The Secret Life of an American Teenager. None of the following gifs are mine (unless stated differently), full credit goes to their makers. I just hoard them. Please reblog and/or like this post if you use any, they take a looong time to put together! Sorry for any repeats!

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aos rewatch

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Rewatching: 1x17: Turn, Turn, Turn

My favorite moments:

  1. The return of Agent Weaver! I love the implied history between her and Jemma - Jemma’s turning to her for advice on the Super Secret GH-325, Weaver says (or starts to say) that Jemma will know where to find her…….do they have some kind of fallback location? It’s a weird thing for a couple of non-field scientists (which Jemma’s been until recently) to have. There are Possibilities there and I love them!!
  2. Jemma and Trip being willing to die rather than swear allegiance to Hydra. They’re so brave in the face of (they think) impossible odds and it gets me every time.
  3. Jemma’s face when Hand says Fury’s dead. I kind of wonder if she and Fitz had encountered him before the finale?? He (correctly) guesses they’ll want to put a fish tank in the Bus and her expression just seems like more than ‘oh no, the director of our agency is dead’. Maybe they knew each other somehow??
  4. Jemma standing up to Hand and defending Coulson….and after Hand snaps over Coulson’s “crimes”, I love the almost lecturing tone she takes, giving Jemma the Trust No One advice. It’s fun to see Hand trying to advise/mentor Jemma after the excitement Jemma showed when Hand was first mentioned in the first half of the season! I bet if things were less……Awful…..Jemma’d be v e r y excited.
  5. Obviously Fitz’s refusal to work for Hydra and mouthing off to Garrett even though he’s terrified is Heartbreaking
  6. The reunion hug!!! 
  7. It gets me e v e r y t i m e, how Jemma just runs for Fitz, even while everyone else is having their tense stand-off
  8. And the way they just CLING
  9. Honorable mention: The way the other four look on when Coulson takes Ward aside to “break the news” about Garrett being evil. It’s Painful in retrospect but I Loved the s1 team dynamic the first time I watched and seeing them all look so worried about Ward was one of my favorite moments before………… know. Revelations.

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