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Hi, the devs of guilty gear are finally making the hoaxes to be true <3

Also, I finally created a Patreon. yay!

if you want to support me, get early sketches and fanarts, suggest my next drawnings, drop there to say hi~
For those interested in the making off of this drawing, I made a video process of Baiken and the hi-res .psd file and I’ll send as soon you become my Patreon.

(you dont need to wait until next month to get your reward this time, you can pick what you want and leave, its okay…. PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME Ç3Ç lol)
take this as a welcome gift <3

You always told me stars would guide me back home, but they only come out at night.

Happy birthday Bedman! 
May everyone get a good night’s sleep tonight!~ (And on the 17th for world sleep day!~ Remember, this year is Sleep soundly, Nurture life!~)