Grant Gustin Street Team: Birthday Project

So I’m taking on a huge responsiblity, and I’m going to be making a project for Gran’ts birthday, for the Grant Gustin Street Team and I’m making an A-Z book of Grant’s fans. Basically, for every letter, fans whose names start with that letter write comments about Grant and end with wishing him a Happy Birthday. Since I’m doing it on all his fans, you can still message comments, without being in the street team, but we would still love it if you joined :3

So, if you want to help, just email me you full name, twitter (if you have one) and your comment at

On that note, I present Grant.

Okay since we got to 300 members! (which I still love you all for) We have decided to start a new competition, flyers. We need something to not just promote the street team but also Grant himself to get people to know more about him and come an join the street team at the same time. It needs to be something people will be willing to give out at Glee Conventions or Glee related meet ups, You can submit it by posting it here on the main page, tweeting it to our twitter or sending it as a ask to our tumblr. All submissions please be sent it by 31st of March and the winner will be chosen by April 5th :