Gossip Girl S4E14

I decided to take a break after all those projects that have been draining me out. So I caught Gossip Girl. Season 4, episode 14 was heartwrenching. You can skip this post because I am gonna post about that episode.

Can you believe it? The marriage was just a legally bind contract? And not out of love? Oh god, I feel so sad for Blair! But on the other hand, that’s her own doing. She was given a choice! She could be with Chuck! Over these years, I have been watching Gossip Girl, I see them growing, from their high school years till now, all of them changed so much. Especially, Chuck! Why isn’t Chuck and Blair together! I believed everyone who watch Gossip Girl felt the same way as I did. Who could have thought of that? And the person Blair trusts is actually Dan? Is Dan just her haven, where she seek comfort in? Seriously…

The storyline is getting better I would say. The climax is finally there, ALL BEC OF GEORGINA SPARKS! 

I am a loyal fan of Gossip Girl! I want Chuck and Blair to be together!!! 

Okay, I find myself being really weird to post a Gossip Girl post~~~~ ITS OKAY.