don’t judge a girl by her cover: a fanmix

i. stand still, look pretty - the wreckers
i want to paint my face / and pretend that i am someone else / sometimes i get so fed up / i don’t even want to look at myself

ii. the show - lenka
i’m just a little girl lost in the moment / i’m so scared but i don’t show it / i can’t figure it out, it’s bringing me down

iii. dirty little secret - the all-american rejects
when we live such fragile lives / it’s the best way we survive / i go around a time or two / just to waste my time with you

iv. good to you (feat. kate voegele) - marianas trench
and now i do want you to know i hold you up above everyone / and i do want you to know i think you’d be good to me / and i’d be so good to you

v. stand in the rain - superchick
alone in this fight with herself and the fears whispering if she stands she’ll fall down / she wants to be found

vi. something more - secondhand serenade
i’m stuck here in this life i didn’t ask for / there must be something more / do we know what we’re fighting for?

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cross my heart and hope to spy: a fanmix

i. gonna get over you - sara bareilles
how am I gonna get over you? / i’ll be alright / just not tonight / but someday

ii. six degrees of separation - the script
fourth, you’re gonna fix that you fixed yourself / fifth, you see them out with someone else / and the sixth, is when you admit that you may have messed up a little

iii. power and control - marina & the diamonds 
power and control / i’m gonna make you fall / women and men are the same / but love will always be a game

iv. hothouse - 78violet
in the beginning you intrigue / but the way you move- it terrifies me / and you remind me of the things that i don’t need

v. all about us (feat. aaron gillespie) - he is we
don’t know what’s got into me / why i feel this way / can we dance real slow? / can i hold you real close?

vi. you’ll ask for me - tyler hilton
i am what you see / i am not what they say / but if i turned out to be / could you love me anyway?

vii. hate & love (feat. sienna miller) - jack savoretti 
you say that we’re different / i feel the same / you tell me you’re leaving / i’m here to stay

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