still angry about how moffat just threw away the doctor dealing with his potential last regeneration in favour of a five-second fix it with the time lords for some reason giving a shit about the doctor living or dying

think of the character development and exploration you would get out of a near-immortal character, the last of his race and the hero of millions, having to face his mortality. not just regenerating into someone else, but dying.

but look! handles!


Steven Moffat’s Coupling.


Joseph Kim, a refugee from North Korea, and his TED Talk on hope.


people say australians are weird but we ain’t got shit on the kiwis. there’s a reason we wanted to invade.

if you’re a sherlock fan who understands sherlock is an asshole needlessly and don’t try to make excuses for his dickishness my respect for you goes up like 100%

i’m actually not that shocked that some of tumblr so completely fucked up reading that augustus waters was a bit of a wanker rather than the one-legged equivalent of a manic pixie dream boy who spouts fonts of wisdom like a lawn sprinkler because tumblr really pisswanked up understanding why harry named his son albus severus - like it’s a shit name, too many “u” and “s” sounds - but reading the books and hearing other info from j.k. rowling means we’ve got a completely different, arguably more subjective view than that of harry. all harry saw was dumbledore, who lived a life where he carried the burden of losing his sister and lost his best friend to dark magic, and snape, a man who came from an abusive family and tried to make things right for the woman he loved (no matter how unhealthy that love seemed) so can everyone shut the fuck up with those “rename harry’s kids” posts for the sake of fuck

tumblr your reading comprehension sucks. no wonder you think johnlock’s going to become canon.