Sophie Turner’s Screen Test for ‘X-Men Apocalypse’


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i’ve reached the point in researching for this hogwarts professor obi-wan where i’ve decided that:

  • jk is a potato and her mythlogy is a trainwreck so i’m substituting it with my own
  • latin isn’t the only magical language around so fu
  • obi-wan knows loads of languages and spits out weird mixes of maori, zulu, swahili, gaelic and latin when in a fight

condolences to my brain i cannot language good enough for this shit jfc


anonymous asked:

I had a...i don't know, i guess an anxiety/panic attack? in my first class of the semester. I couldn't really keep up with the professor because it's a subject i'm really weak at, and i just blanked, because i was so terrified of doing poorly in school again and feeling like i was back in highschool all over again just watching my grades slip and being unable to anything about it. I started crying (no one noticed, thankfully cuz it's a huge lecture hall) I don't know if i can do this anymore.

Aw babe, I’m so sorry that happened to you, but I’ve been there. I went to a big university for 3 semesters, with lecture halls that had upwards of 400 students in them. Sometimes its hard to keep up, and its easy to feel like you’re getting lost in it all, so here are some suggestions I have for you:

1. Always bring a bottle of water to class, and maybe some gum or sugar-free candy. The water is to keep hydrated in case you begin to panic, and the candy/gum will keep you focused

2. Take a break. If the class is long (an hour or more), its okay to just get up and walk out for a moment or two just to breathe. I used to do it all the time, and despite what you may think, no one will judge you for it. 

3. See if your professor posts their lectures or notes online. This can be extremely helpful in going over material you may have missed during class time. If they don’t, find out their office hours. Professors usually don’t have students visiting them during this time, especially at the beginning of the semester, so they are usually more than happy to help. Visit them and express any concerns you have about the lecture, class, etc. (It helps if you write down questions as you come up with them in class.) This also allows the professor to get to know you which is A+ for recommendations. While you could approach them after class, if you have another class right after, or they have something to do (labs, meeting, class, etc.) this won’t really give you the one on one you need and deserve. 

4. Remember, professors don’t want to fail you. Not only does it reflect badly on them, but I like to believe most are decent human beings who want to see those they’re teaching thrive. 

5. Try to make friends in the class. Arrive 5-20 minutes early and sit next to someone who seems like your type of people. I know, easier said than done, BUT, I promise once you get past the initial introduction things will get smoother. Now, the reason I suggest this is because friends lead to connections, study groups, note swaps, and it makes the classroom seem more familiar. 

6. Lastly, don’t forget to breathe. School is challenging for many people, and its natural to struggle. Breathing exercises work wonders! Also most schools offer free or cheap counseling services, so if you’re really struggling with anxiety/panic/etc. there’s no shame in checking it out. I know that you’re great, and you’re going to make it through this. I believe in you buddy, go off and conquer the world. And if you get the chance hit me up and lmk how it goes. :)