Hm.  This does happen occasionally, when I receive a review that’s a little bit hard to decipher.  So, I’m going to try to break it down here, to try to help myself understand what gghghfg means by his or her statement.

My dictionary has three definitions for the word “gay”.

1. Gay = Homosexual.

In this instance, I suppose you’re right, gghghfg (Am I pronouncing that correctly?).  The main character of One In Four is indeed homosexual, and you could argue the same for some of his alternate personalities.  There are also four other featured characters who meet this definition as well - Blaine Anderson, Santana Lopez, and Hiram and Leroy Berry.  (I also should mention that you’re doubly correct in the case of the Berry men - they are very gay in both the first and second definitions of the word.)

2.  Gay = Happy / Lighthearted, carefree.

This definition doesn’t seem to match the story as well as the first.  The subject matter of the story is very dark and, quite frankly, the exact opposite of lighthearted and carefree.  Although, to be fair, the one and only post on your “blog” is in regards to 12-year-olds “licking pussy”, so maybe you’re really into it, in which case I can recommend several excellent psychiatric institutions that can help you with that issue.  If you’d like the information, please feel free to send a message to my inbox; I’m happy to help.

3.  Gay = Foolish, stupid.

If this is the definition you were intending to communicate to me and my readers, I honestly can’t be sure which aspect of this you’d be referring to as “stupid”.  I’m really hoping that you were talking about my own writing style and choice of words, sentence structure, and plot progression and not the subject matter taking place within the story.

Because if you were talking about the subject matter, then I’d like to give you a little homework assignment (which is, of course, optional).  Go out, find the nearest psychiatric ward or home for abused kids, and pick one person to talk to.  Instead of listening to what they have to say or treating them with respect, I want you to tell them that whatever they went through was stupid or foolish, tell them that it was their fault, and round the conversation off by telling them to get over it.  I think it would be a fantastic first step in your career as a CPA (Certified Public Asshole)!

If you were talking about my writing, however, I agree with you.  My writing isn’t perfect.  Hell, it’s damn near garbage and definitely a few steps below amateur.

But at least I use the English language correctly when I insult someone, so that they know that even though I hate their guts for no real reason, I am not a moron.

Thank you for your time, gghghfg (Sorry, I’m still working on pronouncing it…), and I hope I understood your message.

~ Swing Girl At Heart