New comics for the Week of: 2/17-2/23

Welcome to another beautiful week for comics, Gamer’s! Drama is unfolding in the Heroverse…what kind of drama, you ask? Good question!

In Harley Quinn #25 we find our favorite psycho reunited with her good ol’ puddin’!  At long last, it’s Harley Quinn and The Joker, face-to-face! The life of Harley’s new love, Mason Macabre, is in the Joker’s hands…but can he or Harley survive another round of The Joker’s twisted mind games?

Mighty Thor #4 finds our new Goddess of Thunder in a raging war! The path of the All-Mother and the fate of Asgard are locked in a fierce civil war that threatens to rip the world apart! Plus…the wedding of Malekith? Oh my!

A new story arc has captured our beloved Avengers in Avengers Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant Hill #1!  The prelude to the Spring’s blockbuster AVENGERS event! Hello there and welcome, new resident. You’ve sure made the right choice in moving to Pleasant Hill– a friendly small town where burdens are lifted and the sun is always bright… so hide your eyes. Don’t let it see you looking its way. Hide if you must. Otherwise it will burn right through you. Pleasant Hill is the kind of place where folks look out for one another. Everyone knows who their neighbors are. But who are you, neighbor?

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Welcome to another glorious Tuesday-Comic *preview* day, Gamer’s! Tonight I shall be writing about two personal picks of absolutely AWESOME #1′s to hit the comic shelves tomorrow!

First up we have Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Pink #1!

           A new era for the power rangers is upon us with the first character spin-off series: Pink! We follow the new life of Kimberly Hart as the Power Rangers have been split up from the latest attack by Rita Repulsa; Kim is living it up as a world-class gymnast, though life after being an intergalactic hero fighting off monsters and crime she’s having a tough time relaxing and playing “normal human”.

           Though all, Kim fears, is not well. After not hearing from her mother for days on end, Kim takes finding her missing family into her own hands. Using her wits and intelligence, Kim is able to MacGyver a serious arsenal (plus the use of her trusty bow) for her personal hunt for her missing family—but when horrific sea monsters are found roaming the streets of the abandoned St. Moineau, France, controlled by an all-too familiar face, the Pink Ranger learns just how hard it is to separate the life of a hero from the life of a civilian.
           Will Kimberly find her mother? Will she be able to save her? And what has happened to the other rangers who are suddenly silent to all communication?
           Power Rangers: Pink #1 proves with masterful comedy, an ultra-relatable character, and an emotionally investing story that Pink is not a color to be messed with.

Civil War II #1

           Things are heating up on the Civil War II front; after a successful ambush against an interplanar nemesis, the Avengers and Ultimates—and their newfound allies the Inhumans—celebrate their victory. A toast is made, “to our new allies and the ones who helped predict this fight!” from Tony Stark to the group that made the whole plan possible; except for the one who truly did make it possible.

           With hopes of making their future-sight a consistent tool, Captain Marvel and the other Inhumans introduce the Avengers to the inhuman who made the ambush possible: one Ulysses, a human infected with the terregin mist, one given the sight to see the beautiful possibilities of the future—and it’s multiple horrid demises.
           Tony Stark is not convinced; convicting people on a future that may happen is too dangerous. The future is not set in stone, what if something predicted does not come true?
           Captain Marvel and the Ultimates, however, see the gift for what it is: a means to end the tragedy of surprise—or is it?

           While able to predict where Thanos will appear, though able to be there and able to stop him, the Avengers and Ultimates both suffer great loss—and Tony Stark decides he wants nothing to do with Ulysses or this “future sight” ever again.

           Though what will happen when so many stand in his way? What happens when the heroes are once again split and jumbled into a chaotic civil war once more?
           Ulysses has glimpsed into our future—and we should weep.

-Kelly, Mod B.