So I got “tagged” with this, but I’ve done fuck all else of note on here for ages, so this’ll be a cheap excuse for me to try and be funny again. Although that is to presume I was at least funny at some point in the past. Anyway, lets not worry about this and lets just play in the sunshine/read whatever this is.


Rule 1 - Post the rules.

Rule 2 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.

Rule 3 - Tag 11 people and link them to your post.

Rule 4 - Let them know you’ve tagged them.

I was tagged by crazy-kitten-smile who I’ll be tagging back just so she knows this exists, and also because I know like, 4 people on Tumblr.

What’s your favourite Pokemon?

I have too many because I’m a freak. But lets say Wobuffet and Hitmonlee. And Primeape and Cloyster and Meowth and probably a fuck load more. And Poliwrath.

How long can you hold your breath?

Unofficially, I counted about 6 years. Officially I think it’s over a minute, which isn’t bad considering all the smoking and drinking and breath-punching I do to myself.

What’s your favourite musical instrument?

I shall unbiasedly say the bass guitar, I enjoy pittering around on it and a good bassline really is a thing of beauty. 

If you only had one day left to live, what would you do?

Very little. I dunno, without sounding egotistical or like a dick or anything, I do most of the crap that I want to do most days anyway, because all I like doing is smoking and drinking and breath-punching and playing Nintendo. I guess if I only had one day to live, I’d force the sun to shine then grab a few people and head to the beach, surf up a storm then get really high and have a beach party. That’d be amazing. 

What’s your favourite book? (You may choose a few if it’s too difficult.)

How come I can choose a few books but not choose a few Pokemon? Last book I read was Frankenstein, that was good times. Most of the books I read are autobiographies, and the best one I’ve read has been Rik Mayalls. I highly recommend that book, if you know his sense of humour you’ll bloody love that book.

What’s your favourite accent?

I like the Japanese accent when it’s speaking Japanese

Do you like your handwriting?

No and yes. I think it’s terrible and scribbly and incomprehensible, but at the same time I kind of appreciate the fact that everything I do including handwriting is terrible and scribbly and incomprehensible, it’s like my thing. So like pretty much everything else, I don’t like my handwriting when compared to everyone elses, but I like it because it’s different and a twat.

What’s your favourite time of day?

SleepyTime. Or DrinkyTime.

Would you rather lie in bed all day or wander the forest from sunrise to sunset?

Lie in bed, because I’m a lazy bastard and I’ve been in forests before, they ain’t so special. Who wants to wander through a forest for the entire light of day? By 2PM yo’d be so bored. And you’d have seen all there is to see of the forest by then, and you’ll still have at least 4-5 more hours of wandering (presuming you’re wandering in the winter). While in bed you can just turn over and go to sleep. Also my Dreamcast controller cable reaches my bed so’s I can play Sonic Adventure from my bed. Winnnnn. I do apologise for totally taking the fun of that question.

What’s your political view?

There isn’t enough room for me to get into this. Lets just say that I’m not a fan of Politics, I can’t take any politician seriously and I hate the way the entire thing is structured. It’s crooked and isn’t likely to be fixed during my lifetime, so I’d rather not know anything about it and just go skating instead.

What’s your favourite punctuation mark and why?

Methinks that you ran out of questions by number eleven. I use a comma a lot when I’m writing, because I like to write the way I think, with big long rambling bits that kind of connect to each other but don’t really. So I’d say the comma. Because of the thing I just said.

My questions for the people.

  1. What’s your favourite Pokemon? (keeping it cause its a good question)
  2. Favourite character from the Bible?
  3. What’s your favourite episode of your favourite TV show?
  4. What is better, Chocolate or being able to stretch your legs 3 feet longer like Inspector Gadget legs?
  5. Wolverine or War Machine?
  6. If you found a wallet on the street, would you tie it to a fishing rod and go fishing for people?
  7. Do you write your own words or do you get a man to write them for you?
  8. World War One or World War Two?
  9. If you were Superman and the Government told you that you had to give up all your super powers except for one, which one would you keep and how would you use that one to get extreme revenge on the government for being a prick to you?
  10. Favourite Street Fighter character? (if you don’t play/know Street Fighter then just make up a character)
  11. How come you don’t call anymore..?