Levi/Eren Fic Rec

So I’ve been obsessed lately with this beautiful gem of a fic called Glitter, Glamour, and Ties, by the amazing SKayLanphear

Featuring dancer!Eren and Vice-CEO!Levi. It’s such a refreshing take on the genre, and executed so wonderfully with the well-written plot, characterisation, and pretty much everything and really, just check it out and see for yourself. And oh, did I mention the delicious tension? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)♡✧

Wanna learn some Korean slang?

Here are some korean slangs. you know…. you heard some on dramas ^^

1. 됐거든. [ dwuett-geo-deun ]
Translated : Stop it. 
Slang : Please don’t say anything more. (Used to show that you are tired of hearing someone’s excuses.)

2. 낚였어. [ nak-ggyeo-sseo ]
Translated: I got something (by fishing). 
Slang : You got me. You had me going there. You tricked me. 

3. 낚았지? [ na-ggat-ji ]
Translated : You got (fished) something?
Slang : I got you, didn’t I? I had you going, didn’t I?

4. 썰렁하다. [ sseol-leong-ha-da ]
Translated: That’s cold.
Slang : That’s a lame/corny joke.

5. 거기 물 좋다. [ geo-gi-mul-jo-ta ]
Translated: The water there was good.
Slang : That place rocks! That place kicks! ( like the flow was good) 

6. 배째. [ bae-jjae ]
Translated: Cut my stomach.
Slang : Sue me!

7. 넌 너무 짜. [ neon-neo-mu-jja ]
Translated : You’re too salty.
Slang : You’re so cheap. 

8. 뚜껑 열리네. [ ddu-ggeong -yeol-li-ne ]
Translated : It opens my lid.
Slang  : My head is about to split.

9. 튕기네[ twing-gi-ne ]
Translated : Something is bounced.
Slang  : You are playing hard to get.

10. 넌 코가 높다. [ neon-ko-ga-nop-da ]
Translated : You have a tall nose.
Slang : You are snobby. (putting on airs)

11. 찔리냐? [ Jjil-li-nya ]
Translated : Does it feel like you are being pricked poked
Slang: You feel guilty?

12. 화장 떴어! [ hwa-jang-ddeo-sseo ]
Translated : Your makeup flew. 
Slang : You didn’t do your makeup well/ you put too much.

Gots it? 뭘봐? 


I just understood something extraordinary. In fact, the thing that sets women apart the most is their breath. It’s softer, more varied, less linear, less uniform. That’s it! Her breath is in a state of flux, depending if she is moved, or concentrated, or seductive, or charmed. I mean, men only have two ways to breathe: whether they’re calm or excited. It’s simple, they’re like dogs.

Archaeologists digging up old archaeological tools.

This is a GGAT (Gwent and Glamorgan Archaeological Trust) trowel we found in our trench. It had been left and buried at the bottom of their trench from their excavations in the 80’s.

Despite finding some amazing medieval pottery and such, i think this is my favourite find of the dig.

Photo taken by Matt Nicholas, found at Cosmeston Archaeology Flickr page

Read this, please.

When I look at everything what’s going on with Tokio Hotel lately, I feel like writing this down. It’s going to be mostly about Kaulitz twins but you’ll later get why.

They got famous when they were like 15, right? Yeah. And until they were 20 they were still on the public eye. Between the age 15-20 you need to do so many different things. You grow up, you learn new thing, you go to the parties, go out with your friends, with your dogs, you go and get drunk, you get so many experiences and you make yourselves.

Now,  imagine how hard they had it. Throught this 5 years they were constantly under the public eye. They were followed by paparrazzi, by their own fans.

Some of you may say: „Oh yeah, but they got experiences by travelling. Yeah, sure. They could have travelled but what did they do? Concerts, interviews, meet and greets and then go to sleep because they needed to be ready for the following day’s show in another city or country. And it’s been over and over again. They could get drunk in the hotel room but it surely felt like they were in prison.

They couldn’go for a walk with their dogs, they couldn’t go out with their friends, they couldn’t get girlfriends because we’d lost our freakind minds. (And yeah, I am saying ‚we‘ because I am one of you, guys.)
They wanted to have a normal life but they could not. And it was mostly because of us.

So, one day they decided to move to LA. I still remember how upset I was, how angry I was because I was like: „Oh yeah, sure. So you’d rather move to the fucking USA than stay in your country, in Germany. Yes, becuase the USA made you this famous, right? You got selfish. And blah blah.“ I really did not think about the different reason. I was so blind.

And then it hit me. They knew nobody knew them in LA. They could do anything that wanted to do there and yes. The twins said that in the new interview. They could go to the clubs, get tottaly wasted, actually get drunk as fuck, they could find anyone here, go out with friend, go for a walk with dogs, meet new people, go shopping, ride a bike, they could do everything they wanted and NO ONE WOULD GIVE A CRAP ABOUT IT. And that, my dearest Aliens, is how you get experiences.

You all know how important is to be kind to yourselves, to be true to who you really are and the most important things – to find yourselves.

And that’s exactly what our boys did. They found themselves and realized that you really can’t take life too seriously or it will freaking haunt you down.

Don’t judge them for it.

You might not like the new video, (GGAG) and I totally respect that because you know what? I don’t like it either. But it doesn’t change the fact I love the song.

Bill’s „new“ self. I’ve read so many comments about how disappointed in Bill you are and so on. Why? He’s still our angel, he’s still the person who saved us from everything bad. He is still the person who believes in a true love and is waiting for it. But this does NOT mean he can’t enjoy his life as much as possible. Yes, he’s more opened about the sex but there’s nothing wrong with loving sex. He talks about it more but it does not mean he got worse..

We all know Bill’s always been so extravagant and loved to show himself. Why do you judge him now?

 Tokio Hotel are back and we all should stick together.

I am not saying you have to like everything they do. No. You don’t like the GGAT video. That’s fine. You don’t like Run, Run, Run? That’s fine. You like Zimmer 483 better than Kings of Suburbia. THAT’S FINE but don’t give up on them just because they do something different now.

Remember all these day you lied in your beds so desperate, ruined and you didn’t want to do absolutely nothing. You were crying and suddenly you heard his voice, Tom’s guitar, Georg’s bass, Gustav’s  drums. They were here. They were here for you when you needed it the most. When noone else was here for you. Try to be here for them, too.

Let’s imagine they are our friends, okay? You don’t have to like everything they do, they say, but you can’t start bitching about it and say how disappointed you are. (Oh actually you can, but that’s not what friends do. And it’s rude.)

Golden rule – „Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you”.  Make sure you don’t do this to others.  It might sound silly but you wouldn’t like if they went to you and said. „Well, it’s been five years, you’ve changed so much. I don’t like you anymore.“

You see, what I am  trying to say here?

Tokio Hotel are not just a band. They’re our heroes, lifesavers. People who were there when we all needed them. Remember how many amazing people you’ve known just because of them. Remember all the beautiful things we’ve all shared together.

You know, Tokio Hotel fandom, the perfect Aliens, are the most dedicated fandom I know, so we really should stick together and support our boys.

I love you guys so much. You and Tokio Hotel. We are one big and so beautiful family so please, don’t ruin it.

Bouncer unearths possible Roman town in Merthyr Tydfil

It may be famous for having been one of the world’s most important steel and iron towns.

Yet a new discovery has potentially unearthed a whole new chapter of history in Merthyr Tydfil.

Bouncer and local historian Anthony Thomas, 45, has found a series of crop marks believed to date back to Roman times.
The find has been hailed as a discovery which could “rewrite” the history of the town.

Mr Thomas first noticed the “unusual, rectangular crop marks” after studying aerial photographs of the land.

He contacted the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust (GGAT) who confirmed that it could be Roman, most likely linked to metal working in the area. Read more.