This is a book from last year that I forgot to photograph and post.

Handmade paper,pulp painting, watermark, digital printing, & letterpress.

edition of 5


Text is my own:

Pg.4) the remains of what might have been

Pg.10) memories seep and mingle through

Pg.12) a time there once was


Girdle Book

First attempt working with leather aside from the quarter leather. The leather was free, but was in no way the best, but free. 

Also, this was my first attempt at making a girdle book. A girdle book was used by medevil european monks that hung from their girld/waste. 

The knot at the end is not finished.

20 signatures of white Fabriano paper with sewn on cords. 

Hand made marbled paper from Il Papiro used for the end sheets.


and on the front of the girdle book are 2 gilded gold leaf symbols. The top gilded symbol is the Fleur de lis and at the bottom is the symbol for the Medici coat of arms. They were both gilded by an experience guilder who worked at the leather school behind Santa Croce in Florence Italy.


Done sewing on these signatures around the cords, but start on wooden boards and quarter leather covers for this baby tomorrow. Hopefully cords will be long enough, big chance they wont though. Whew. Buonanotte.  


Artist Book from series of the 3

“Reframed II”

Handmade paper, digital printing, screen printing, & letterpress

Original ornament design

edition of 5


Text is my own:

Pg.2) existence slips away

Pg.3) carrying acceptance of your absence

Pg.7) dust exposed, your mirrored image

Pg.8) replacing empty frames

Pg.10) through him you are still here.