Magazine M, Issue 152: Kyungsoo excerpt

King of Organization, Do Kyungsoo:

“I’m sort of a tidy person. I’m always putting the objects around me in their place. Phone in the left pocket, wallet in the right - like that. The items in my bag or drawers, too, have to always be positioned right. (lifting the reporter’s card to straighten it in demonstration) like this (laughs). (showing his phone) The icons too, I gathered all in one place to organize them. I don’t know why I do that. I could be sensitive because I take after my hairdresser mother or painter father.”

source: @ggaeal_ggaeal | translation: fydk

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so there I have managed to hit my followers number goal and I’d really like to thanks each and everyone of my followers for sticking by me and stuff even though im not very active now (bc of school sobs) :< and here’s my 2nd follow forever dedicated to all my followers and the lovely people on my feed! (●´∀`●)

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i havent been interacting alot on the networks im in and stuff but nevertheless, thanks for being such awesome people with truly lovely personalities! nothing makes me happier than coming online bring greeted by all your wonderful edits and confessions and stuff! whoever’s reading this i just want to tell you you’re a really talented and great person and never let any one put you down (especially those dense af haters lmao). although im not very close nor familiar with most of you, my ask box will forever be open if anyone of you have something to rant about but there’s no one to go to (but i hope you wont need it though). enough said, happy sunday and easter day hehehe thanks once again for having such amazing blogs!!! *(*´∀`*)☆ 

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Thank you so much to all of these blogs that make tumblr worth it!! Honestly all of the people I’ve met thru this site are amazing and I’ve made friends that I know will last me a lifetime and I’m grateful for that.

And for some reason I decided to show that thru a shitty snapchat edit haha. I apologize for the sehun one (1. bcus it’s so stupid i might as well be 12 lol and 2. bcus), I apparently “DEFILED THE BELOVED PHOTOSHOP” with this (according to tumblr user d-orks). But yeah thanks again!!

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여러분의 일코를 응원해요 밑에 두개 폰배경 하세요 얼굴이 깨알만하니까 :) 폰배경 만드는거 재미들렸나봐요 킄
Bottom two can fit both galaxy and iPhone :)
Wallpapers are personal use only! Please do not alter the artwork :)

I myself might use it. That’s how much I loved the original photo. (plus, spent too much effort and time on chen’s shorts, I have to use it.)

출처: 시우민 인스타그램 (나 이런거 넘 해보고싶었음 ㅋㅋㅋ 쓸만한 사진좀 많이 올리라고)

wallpaper version fits both galaxy/iPhone