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The Hallows : Halloween Event - October 2016

The event begins on October 1st 2016 and ends on October 31st 2016.

The Gacha Events will be located HERE!!

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As creators we have taken quite jump into this new world of events hosting.  So we’d love to see all of our loyal customers, family and friends at this event. Please help us make this event a big hit by sharing with your friends and followers! Without you guys we wouldn’t be able to pull of events like these and we’d love to do more gacha fairs, events and maybe hunts!  So again, slam that reblog button and drag your friends in for the spooktacular festivities!!

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This round we have a 34 wonderfully talented creators joining us in our first event.  This event is sure to be a huge success with a wide array of participating players.  So once October hits, be sure to play responsibly and share with friends!  Your participation and support goes a long way in the creative community and we would very much love to bring you more events just like these!

In order from left to right, top to bottom.

Marketplace Stores:

Elephant Graveyard Inc.
Murder of Ravens
Moopa Inc.
The Jackalope Ranch
Teiko Moxie ]
Twisted Machine Industires
Raven Bell
{Mary Cakes}
Raposo Luckworks
Jester Inc.
Hello Grymmy
Fortunas Creations
Fluff & Luff
Akuma Drops
Puffy Clouds
Bark Bark // Meow Meow
The Plastik

Please note - some creators may be a little late to the event or may be unable to participate these are people whom have signed up and are no in anyway finalized. It is a rough line up. We’re all human.

You know when someone reblogs from you or one of your posts just to be rude but they only do it in the tags because they think you won’t read it. Yeah that always grinds my gears so much. Like make your own post if you don’t like mine? It’s not that hard. And you can get your points across without upsetting people who have expressed themselves only to have you not even respect them enough to say “hey you made some points I don’t agree with, and maybe I can tell you why?” Instead of sassing people in the tags, calling them names, questioning their intelligence and basically being very mean.

At the end of the day these are fictional characters and being mean to each other over fictional people isn’t worth it. Especially when some people on here have anxiety and have to work up the courage to even put their thoughts out there, and a lot of us would rather talk nicely and civilly about things we disagree on and maybe learn from each other instead of being made fun of in tags…

“She is like super gorgeous!! 🙏

Cosplay: @vampy_veen
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