important details from the new christmas commercial:

• arin & dan looking like gay dads preparing for the holidays
• arin’s fedora
• the editing is gOLD please applaud that shit
• dan’s cute little yell after being pelted with boxes
• Matt going ham
• arin and dan are rlly close
• “Santa has feathers?” “Fuck.”
• BRIAN!!!
• “Looks like the chicken’s, come home to roost.”
• sleepy ross pls let him rest
• the happy lark
• SUZY!!!
• “Suzy we got a jiiangle jaangle problm on are hands, Santa’s goin’ nUTS.”
• “fUC k yOu dECiE veR.”
• “Guys plese keep it doown.”
• don’t tip that fedora at me mother fucker
• comedy from Dan
• they look married okay?
• dan fixing his junk
• they all looked really pretty btw

Top That! Game Grumps Music Video Project!

Hey lovelies!

So I’ve been tinkering with an idea for a Game Grumps music video for quite a while, and since we’re finally nearing what is definitely a terrible year, let’s make it go out with a bang, alright? :D

To show our appreciation for the Grumps and what they do to keep our spirits up and get us through our bad days, let’s celebrate them and give back by doing a music video of one of their remixes!

Most notably, the Top That remix by Atpunk

Why? It has a really uplifting sound to it, definitely something we all need, plus it’s super cheery and fun to dance and listen to :3

What you do:

Film yourself so we can compile all the videos together. Be sure to look cool for the video but nothing too snazzy, be as comfortable as you as possible!

Also please film somewhere in good light!

Since it’s a music video, lipsyncing is a must! The video actually has lyrics in the description so you can follow along :) 

But! That doesn’t mean you HAVE to lipsync, in fact this mv needs a lot of high energy, so dancing, acting out things, displaying your grumps stuff, nearly anything is on the table lol if you have any questions on what you want to do, let me know!

And it doesn’t need to just be you either, you can film you and your friends, brothers, sisters, the more the merrier :3

There isn’t a solid deadline but I’m leaning towards Dec 29th? If not, it can be a New Years gift instead, getting ready for a whole new year of Grump awesomeness.

Send ur submission video to

topthatggmv@ gmail. com


A totally true and not made up account of what happened over at Netflix

Person 1: So the revival view stats are in and boy it’s popular. Great decision to bring this back y’all!

Person 2: Yeah, it’s popular, but are the fans happy? Just by glancing at twitter and tumblr, there are a lot of unhappy fans. I’m not even mentioning  the numerous articles about it. 

Person 3: I agree. People really hate Rory and her revival arc. Both boyfriend teams have joined forces and said both of them got a raw deal. Is anyone happy?

Person 1: Well Luke and Lorelai got married. Emily had a good story. That’s all everyone wanted. 

Person 2: But people wanted Rory happy. They’ve always cared about her. Even the actors are upset about Rory. Kelly thinks it’s mean and Alexis wasn’t pleased where Rory ended up. She has trouble talking about it because it bothers her so much. And Lauren just says it was surprising and moves onto another topic.

Person 3: So who should we send out to do promotion then that will make it sound good?

Person 1: Matt Czuchry of course. Have you heard him talk? He makes everything sound wonderful, amazing and beautiful. He’ll make people want to watch it. 

Person 2: I don’t know, he’s been throwing some very subtle shade around. I don’t think he’s happy either. 

Person 3: Well he did say that Rory would have a “very, very special ending.” I don’t think he was making that up. He wouldn’t just come up with it right? 

Person 1: Ha, you think that was all his doing? ASP and I had a nice little chat with him. We have ways of forcing Matt’s hand. *brings out stack of blackmail material* 

^Totally not true of course. Matt is doing a fantastic job in his interviews.  Just every time I hear Matt talk I think, “yes the revival is awesome cause he found it so beautiful!” and then I remember what they did to Rory (and Logan, Jess, Lane, etc.) and I get bitter again.