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Hiii I love your page!! I was wondering if you could update the season 5 fics? Or has nobody written all the Derek comes back fics I've been wanting to read? :(

nah you’ll probably find what you’re looking for 

Darkest Hour by gatergirl79 (1/1 | 2,990 | PG13)

In the wake of his actions, Stiles calls for comfort. ONE SHOT. [Spoilers for Season 5] Pre-Sterek.

Through A Portal, Darkly by Shadowstar (1/1 | 3,417 | PG13)

Stiles is trying to escape Donovan; he believes he can escape Donovan. All the way right into another universe.

Unsteady by MooFawn (7/? | 18,809 | R)

Need you to come back to Beacon Hills. Please. I’m begging you, come back. -SS

Stiles? What’s wrong? -DH

Everything. Everything’s wrong. God, Derek, God everything’s completely wrong. Come back. Please. -SS

-Stiles and Derek loved each other but split up when Derek left Beacon Hills. A series of late night text from Stiles’ send Derek rushing back to Beacon Hills, and the impending chaos that is about to ensue for Derek, Stiles, and the rest of the pack. -

The One Where Derek Falls in Love by lovelylounatic (1/1 | 3,001 | G)

Stiles calls Derek after the Donovan incident, Derek comes back to save the day. Stiles learns to cope and Derek falls in love. Stiles might already be there.

buffy’s speech on 5x22 has never made more sense than now:

You have to take care of each other. You have to be strong. The hardest thing to do in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live. For me.

i am here for each and every one of you who needs it. together, we can do this, we can survive this

Gary Frankel who?

I just rewatched ‘Swap Meat’ from season 5. I concede at the beginning that I had kind of forgotten about how absolutely PRECIOUS Jared was in that episode. The opening scene in particular, where he slurps on a banana daiquiri while dealing with the attentions of an interested female in a bar, is supremely entertaining. Agreed, it is not Jared playing Sam but rather Jared playing Gary Frankel pretending to be Sam. But it is still Sam’s body and Sam’s face and Sam’s eyes and Sam’s dimples and you get the drift.

As you well know, the scene goes something like this. He enters the frame confidently, flaunts his ‘I’m 26’ I.D. to the bartender, orders his drink, blinks wonderingly at his surroundings like he can’t believe he is inside a bar, introduces himself to the aforementioned lady named Crystal with a charming handshake, smugly accepts the compliment of him being a stunning looking man, confesses to having the best night of his life, seems put out at the idea of getting out of the bar, then seems far too excited at the idea of getting out of the bar with Crystal. He does all of this while being the very definition of adorable. I was literally hanging onto his every word, expression and gesture. Just when you think he couldn’t get any cuter, he drops a bombshell of a line.

“Crystal, I would love to have the sex with you.”

OH MY GAWD! How can you not go into hysterics over something like that?

It is obviously a relief when Sam returns to his own body at the end of the episode, especially since things take a turn from funny to dead serious near the close. However, you can’t help but miss Gary-as-Sam (or is it Gary-in-Sam? Never mind.) Kudos to Jared for such an impactful performance.

As an irrevocably-in-love Sam girl, I regret not quite remembering this particular avatar of Sam Winchester. The highlights of Season 5 for me, as I recall from my first time watching, were the whole apocalypse storyline and Sam going to hell. This little gem of an episode got lost somewhere in the overwhelming mass of things that came before and after. I’m so glad now that I chose to reacquaint myself with it.

 I realize I rambled quite a lot in this post, but it is just the spontaneous overflow of my ‘Remember every little detail about Sam Winchester/Jared Padalecki is a preternaturally cute human and a super fine actor’ feels. Don’t you have those too? - TDatta

All the dang time, but I’m never as word smith as you, TDatta, so thank you for sharing your “ramble” because it speaks for me.

I found the great gif of the scene you were talking about, just scroll down.

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