gg: season five

oitnb season five highlights


-humphreys’ death

-bayley’s guilt

-alison’s backstory

-guard humiliation

-justice for poussey

-coates shooting off leanne’s finger


-less vauseman

-like chang and pennsatucky legit escaped and no one seems to give a fuck

-frieda’s backstory

-inmates walking around in normal people clothes

-suzanne warren

-piscatella’s death

-the flashback where taystee and poussey met

-linda’s comeuppance

-soso’s memorial for poussey

-piscatella’s backstory

-pornstache flashback though

-taystee’s heartbreaking breakdown


anonymous asked:

One of the biggest things that the show does that pisses me tf off is how Arya doesn't seem psychologically affected by any of her kills. If she is, it's never shown. Sure, she avenged her family, Syrio, Lommy, but she still took away human lives. Is she not scarred by that at all? Why is her actions always seen as badass and not horrific? Because even if her intentions were noble, it's still horrible.

The show’s not very good with depicting trauma. Flat out. They do a terrible job.

Book!Ned lost most of his family and witnessed the aftermath of the brutal murder of two children at a young age, and it’s not hard to see how these experiences figure in to his AGoT decisions; show!Ned just honourably blunders into political traps. Book!Tyrion spends ADWD in a drunken, grieving, depressive haze - good thing show!Tyrion saw that dragon, it cured it all. Book!Sam started flashing back at the prospect of going to the Citadel to become a maester, but show!Sam’s killed a White Walker and a Thenn, he’s good to go. Book!Brienne killed for the first time in AFFC, as part of an experience she found extremely mentally and emotionally trying; Show!Brienne cuts down mooks without batting an eye. Remember when show!Jaime lost his dominant hand? Neither do I! How long’s it been since that was played for drama?

And Theon. Poor, poor, show!Theon. After a season of exploitative torture porn and two more seasons of exploiting further emotional torture, he gets only victim-blaming. Man up! Drink more! Shake off your PTSD and charge that villain, you wuss! 

With some of these characters, we see trauma treated as cowardice and stupidity. With others, we see trauma treated as an inconvenience to the plot, to be resolved ASAP or erased entirely, rather than treated as part of character experience.

Given the framing of the murders of Meryn Trant, Walder Frey, and all the other Freys, it’s clear the writers know that this is disturbing and says some not-too-great things about Arya’s psyche. Still, Arya’s in the category where showing trauma would be inconvenient to the plot the writers want - she might not get into badass fights as often!

I think my favorite thing about the new episode of Samurai Jack is this realization: This cult worships Aku, their leader gives birth to seven daughters and trains them from birth for the sole purpose of killing Jack, so that they could appease Aku and have him “grace them with his presence once more.”

Meanwhile, Scaramouch, the scat bot of death and destruction can just call up Aku on his cell phone.

I would love it if this cult was just one of a dime a dozen cults that worship Aku, but he either doesn’t know about them, or simply couldn’t care any less that they’re there. This cult is just a bunch of try hards.

anonymous asked:

What do you regard as the best and worst changes the show made?

The show will from time to time bring these shining little moments of understanding the characters to screen, which didn’t occur in the books. 

The close of episode 1.03, where Ned watches Arya train with a sword and starts remembering his own experience in war. There are several of these occasions with Stannis, of all people - say what you like about adapting his plot, but the “fewer” running gag was perfectly judged, along with his monologue about the siege of Storm’s End. (”I like dogs, loyal creatures, but we ate them.”) Lancel’s season two costume being suspiciously similar to Jaime’s season one costume. Scenes with Jaime expressing his frustration at how people perceive him, and at standing outside Robert’s door. Things like that. Little things that in a few lines get across the gist of chapters of characterisation. Especially earlier in the series’ run, that was a real strength of theirs.

The writers fall down when they make big changes. It’s extremely obvious by now that the showrunners don’t understand what GRRM was trying to do with the genre, and so they’ve trampled willy-nilly through parallels and character arcs. The two worst changes, I think, are probably Sansa and Jaime in season five, sending one to a sexist cul-de-sac and another to a sexist and racist cul-de-sac, both at critical points of their character development. But these are symptoms, not the cause. The cause is lack of understanding.

Nor have the writers done the research into history, politics, and warfare that might enable them to continue the storylines themselves in a sensible manner. They’ve clearly done a bit, but there’s no synthesis to it, no evidence of deeper understanding, no logical integration of historical principles into a fictional universe. Just copy/paste.

While everyone is immersed in Ashi’s transformation, I just want to remind everyone that there was another sister who, like Ashi, was thrown off the cliff without taking fatal damage. While the others were impaled and had their necks snapped, she was simply thrown off. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her. Imagine for a moment if the two sisters meet again. The inner turmoil that would come about. The two who have endured so much together now on opposite sides. What if Ashi is forced to kill her a sister she thought had already been dead

Meanwhile on Earth
  • Garnet: Lapis! Peridot! We need your help! Homeworld has come back!
  • Peridot: What? What do they want from us?
  • Amethyst: They were trying to abduct the humans and there was Aquamarine, she overpowered us with some kind of wand.
  • Peridot: Aquamarine! That pompous clod... Aight I am ready to help.
  • Lapis: Nope, I don't care.
  • Peridot: Lapis?!
  • Lapis: Why should I care about what Homeworld wants with the humans? It was not like I was particularly close with any of them.
  • Pearl: We got most of the humans, but they have Steven!
  • Lapis: What! How did you let that happen to him!
  • Connie: He agreed to come with them. He is making up the crimes Rose has done in the past...
  • Sadie: And I think they also took Lars! Please you gotta help us!
  • Pearl: They are going to hurt them if we just sit here and do nothing! You are the only one that reach the ship in time before they get to Homeworld!
  • Lapis: If they lay a single hand on him... Peridot come with me. I would need you to help me in case if they do get to Homeworld.
  • Peridot: Right!

pxdameron  asked:

It's annoying to know we likely won't get a second shot at an adaptation after GoT. Some of the visuals in the books are so stunning and pretty much MADE for a visual medium. OTOH we spend so much time inside characters' heads that I understand why it would be difficult to adapt, say, Sansa's POVs without heavy voiceover use. Do you think there was ever a chance that ASOIAF could've been adapted successfully? Maybe with the right showrunners who cared more about the source material's themes?

Yes, I do think successful adaptation is possible. And even though you can see the faultlines in GoT with hindsight, I don’t think irretrievable failure occurred until season five.

It was probably not the right call to make the show when the books were unfinished; even waiting until book six might have made a big difference. Planning multiple seasons ahead and knowing which subplots and regions were going to make it into the adaptation was vital - I am shocked at how much the omission of Aegon “VI” has thrown out the pacing of this season, and quite a bit of Dany’s characterisation. I know I keep saying it, but it’s really quite remarkable. Conversely, chucking Dorne in impulsively at the last minute was a terrible idea, and the writers had to deal with the consequences of that decision for two and a half seasons. Attention to the themes of the work would have helped too.

And those visual details…pile of skulls in front of the Sept of Baelor. I wanted them.